apple logo The War of The TECH World’s – IBM vs Apple… Why IBM is ScaredIBM20logo The War of The TECH World’s – IBM vs Apple… Why IBM is Scared

Mark Papermaster an ex-executive employee and a 26 year old veteran from IBM has been sued by IBM in order to prevent him from joining Apple Inc. 

Mark Papermaster was the vice president at IBM’s Blade development unit and is recognized as one of the leading names in the field of chip design.

In 2006 PaperMaster signed an agreement with IBM that he would not undertake any job responsibilities with rival companies for one year after he leaves IBM. Papermaster is said to have vital trade secrets and intellectual property rights which could indeed benefit Apple and significantly prevent IBM from sustaining it’s lead in the Blade and server chip market.

The company in a statement said that In his capacity as a member of the I&VT, Mr. Papermaster has gained access to confidential information concerning the company’s strategic plans, marketing plans and long term business opportunities, including the development of specific IBM products.

noncompete The War of The TECH World’s – IBM vs Apple… Why IBM is Scared

Papermaster was one of the pioneering architect for the PowerPC that IBM made in the late nineties. And with Papermaster’s “Brain”, Apple’s direction towards its cloud computing initiative “MobileMe” could really take a step forward, and in the future Apple being much more penetrative going towards the server market.

Papermaster resigned on 21st October, despite IBM’s numerous compensation and benefit offers. Its is soon to be seen what the court will decide pertaining to this matter.

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