image thumb4 The Open Source PHP GalleryOpen Source PHP is an easy to browse gallery for open source PHP projects. PHP is one of the most popular web languages in the world. Facebook is an example of the capabilities of PHP. Anyone can submit or download the PHP projects from this site. So it’s really open in terms of downloading as well as contribution.

The website is divided into two parts, gallery and upcoming. The projects are showing in thumbnails, which show a screenshot of the respective projects. These projects can be rated out of 5 stars. If you sign up for Open Source PHP, you can also bookmark any project you want. Users can comment on the projects, view screenshots and download the code as well. There are also links for Direct Demos of some projects which makes it easier for you to try it out before downloading it and setting it up. Anyone can uploaded screenshots of the projects, hence making it sort of a Wiki. The project and license details are also available in the sidebar when you open up any project’s page. The projects featured on Open Source PHP are great too, which range from bookmarking websites to webmail.

Each user has a profile where his/her activities, ratings, submitted projects and bookmarks are shown, hence giving a social touch to this excellent gallery. There aren’t any messaging options between users yet though, which should probably be implemented soon. Searching is also very simple, as every project is tagged.

This is a very Web 2.0 – ish platform to share and contribute PHP code. Although experienced users would head towards SourceForge (which isn’t as simple as Open Source PHP) and the likes, but users who don’t want to go into any complexities would be satisfied with this site. So, if you’re a developer, you’ll find no reason to avoid this website. A must bookmark for all PHP developers!

image thumb5 The Open Source PHP Gallery