image thumb19 The Multi Touch Magic Pad Leaked Before The WWDC. Looks Like Apple Has Something Other Than The iPhone

If there can be leaks and stealing of the iPhone HD long before the WWDC, the leaked images of Apple’s Multi-touch trackpad or the Magic pad as it’s called is no surprise. Engadget just released the pictures of the trackpad and they are convincing enough. The pad is tipped to give Apple’s laptops and Desktop machines the multi touch capability just like you have on the iPad.

The device, from the picture appears to be a peripheral and has a power button. I expect that it would connect via the Bluetooth, whatever it may be and no matter how it connects, it just shows one thing that Apple is pretty much inclined to make its MacBook and the desktop computes have multi-touch capabilities. Don’t see any harm in these, but honestly what’s the point of attaching an extra peripheral that simply removes the mouse and the keyboard is still there? Well at least there is something other than the iPhone coming our way WWDC 2010.

By the way are there any chances that Steve Jobs talks or gives a hint on Apple TV?