ipad 3 pictures The iPad 3 Will Have Haptic Feedback And Probably SenSeg Is Behind It

While the rumor mill gets active as the Apple event and the inevitable announcement of the iPad 3 / iPad HD, there is one rumor which is believable. We have seen how Apple has advertised next generation of the iPad, (We have something you really have to see. And Touch) and with the word “touch” we think it has everything to do with the exclusion of the Physical Home Button that has managed to exist on the otherwise one button Apple devices (the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad). News is also rolling out that Senseg, a Helsinki based firm is probably giving the new iPad it’s button free existence.

The new iPad might just have Steve Jobs’ idea come true – and with Haptic feedback, already present across many mobile devices, we might just see it happen with the iPad 3. The reports have been detailed out across all notable blogs, including The Next Web, where Mathew Panzarino stated:

But something like a screen that could make you feel like it was touching you back, that could provide a truly translative experience with a simple piece of glass. That would be an amazing, almost magical thing, and very Apple.

And Greg Anderson at the Arctic Startup about Senseg:

The company has perfected the technology, and has spent the last two years focusing on the value chain needed to put the Senseg Tixel into production. We also know the company has traveled extensively through Asia, talking to manufacturers.

Perfection qualifies the firm to be in line with Apple’s ideology and dynamics. It won’t be surprising to see it implemented.

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