image thumb21 The Good, The Bad And The WWDC

With almost everything being talked about at length across the globe about the WWDC and what Apple has come out with, the conference had its flip sides to go with the highs. We have mentioned the highs with the in depth review of the release of iPhone 4 HD and the rumors of the Magic Pad but there were other things worth mentioning as well.

The most important is the WiFi fail at the WWDC. Steve jobs was demonstrating the browsing capabilities of the iPhone 4 HD and the iPhone 3GS when the wireless connection failed. We are all aware how carefully things are planned for Apple events and the level of intolerance Steve Jobs has towards errors but it happened, right in from of the audience, with the iPhone in Jobs’ hands. I just wonder what’s coming the way of the person responsible for this, God help him.

The other worth mentioning is the App Wall. A display from Apple featuring the 50,000 or so apps available at the App Store boasting over 5 billion downloads to date and the number continues to increase rapidly. It baffles me how one device alone can bring so much of a transformation for both the consumers and the developers alike.

image thumb22 The Good, The Bad And The WWDC

To end it up, Steve Jobs did show his disgust with Gizmodo. No one from Gizmodo was invited to the conference and it appears that wont happen as long as Steve Jobs is in the company, looks like even the raid on its editor’s house didn’t calm the Apple CEO down.