image thumb44 The Developer Community Welcomes the iOS 4.2 With A Jailbreak On iPhone 3GS

So what does it take to introduce a new Jailbreak for the iPhone? A new version of the iOS. Apple only recently announced the release of the iOS 4.2 Beta for the developers and almost instantly we have got the first beta jailbroken.

The jailbreak hasn’t been officially rolled out to the masses as yet by iH8snow, who is quite famed for numerous tools like the forecast, Snowbreeze, etc. He mentioned it quite specifically in his message on Twitter that the jailbreak was performed on the iPhone 3GS. However one must keep in mind that your iPhone 3GS should already be jailbroken for this to work on. There are issues of course for example the Cydia, Icy and Rock  have problems running on the device, but again this is just a test version, which is why iH8snow hasn’t really released this exploit for the public. I guess it wont be long before iPhone 3GS users can actually jailbreak the latest version of the iOS.

The sad news you still can’t crack your iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4 running on the iOS 4 will have to wait more before an exploit is discovered to Jailbreak their devices.

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Thanks GW