image thumb294 The dark side of 2.0: Another life ends

Mocking people online might be a fun idea and many of us do enjoy taking some time off laughing at those videos by those trying to be something. But recently, the online world has got a more realistic air with reports of a woman filing a divorce as a husband cheats her in Second Life, to the latest news of 19 year old Abraham K. Biggs from Florida committing suicide. The reason being that he was perhaps sick of being mocked and eventually threatened to overdose on pills live at It must have sounded like a joke, but after hours of watching his body without motion some people called the cops who broke into his house only to find him dead.

This is yet another sad chapter to add the rising problem concerned with people making fun of others and the targets eventually doing something as horrific as this. CEO of, Michael Seibel spoke about the matter saying:

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