image64 The Changes Begin To Appear On Facebook: Fans Change to Like, Community Pages Active

It starts. The much talked about transition of Facebook Become a Fan Button to Like has taken place. This would be really pleasant for those of you who thought becoming a ‘fan’ was quite embarrassing and stated that you are a follower of brands [especially the few in my circles].

We had been hearing this for quite some time and with the f8 conference a couple of days ahead, first of the changes are beginning to appear. Though this isn’t a very big and life changing alteration but it had been in plans for quite some time. So now if you want to join Startup Meme on Facebook, you wont become its fan but simply click the thumbs up button to show that you like it. Other than that the social network is pushing ahead with a more dynamic form of your profile with a more regular mean to share stuff on Facebook. This follows the launch of Community Pages on the social network in March. With this the status you now update on the profile will be put up in two ways:

Lets say I post an update that says: I love Google Docs!

  • It appears on your profile, just like old days.
  • If the status is for Everyone, Facebook would index it and read keywords in it [in this case Google Docs] and updates the same on the Google Docs Community Page.

The community Pages will also include information from Wikipedia, present under the Wikipedia Tab. The Likes and Interests section of your profile would also become more dynamic as users will be able to see links to active pages on the social network and have the option to link the same to their profiles. They will be shown a link in a hover-box right along with more information on the page and would also display the pages or groups you are apart of to each interest of yours.

You of course have the option to select any number of pages that are shown to you and link the same to your profile. The privacy settings have been given a lot of care and users have the option to hide any or all the pages on their profile.

Facebook does appear a bit more livelier to interact with there is one good thing its bringing for pages and that is a boost in fans people who Like them. Tell us what you think about these changes in the comments.