image thumb112 The Android 2.2 Lock Screen Now For Droid X Running Android 2.1

Reports of the leaked version of Android 2.2 aka Froyo have been running rampant across the Web. The version has a few bugs and wouldn’t be recommended to replace the much stable version 2.1 of the Google mobile Operating System.

Whatever be the issues with it, I personally love the Lock screen, it looks much better than the traditional  Android Lock and Silent option we see. Not really like the Apple iPhone but quite close to it. Oops, there I go again with the comparison. Lets get back to the lock screen for now.

Folks at the Android Central Forum have come out with an easy to install .apk file to give you the taste of the Android 2.2 lock screen on your Droid running the Android 2.1. You can visit the link here for more information and the link to install the same [download].

via AndroidCentral