tellme logo Tellme: available for iPhone by JuneTellme, a voice-activated search for a variety of phones (including the BlackBerry), is busy developing a program for Apple’s iPhone. The company had come out with an early alpha program in a matter of weeks though senior director Dariusz Paczuski said that it will take a couple of months before a version for the public is ready. That’ll probably happen in the current fiscal year which runs through June.

Though this time Tellme has a task on its hands, as it relies on a physical button to determine when to start listening to a query. Working with the iPhone must have a challenge as it purely runs via a touch screen, so they’d have to create a virtual button for it. Sprint’s touch screen Instinct also had the same issue, though Tellme used to call button to determine when a user is speaking. Paczuski said that there will probably be a big virtual button in the middle of the screen.

[via: Yahoo! News]