image169 TeachMate: Teach to be TaughtThe web sphere is all about collaborating with millions of people around the globe. Be it marketing products, advertising or simply hanging around on the countless social networks, the idea is simply to make use of the modern ways in almost every  aspect of life. Yesterday we talked about an online video based platform for giving lectures in an interactive manner. Today we have another one that makes it easier for masses to share and learn from each others expertise.

TeachMate is a simple online collaboration site that operates like a dating service only difference being that it sets up a date in educating people. The idea is simple and has been in practice in real; teach to be taught. This helps fellows to learn what others know and share with them their bit of knowledge. It reminds me of my time in University when I taught a fellow mathematics and learned how to cook (I still stink at cooking!) and perhaps this is what made me review this site.

image thumb112 TeachMate: Teach to be Taught

Users can simply type in what they want to learn and what they can teach. There is no need to pay for the tutoring you get and your payment is in the form of what you teach in return. I think such a method is really helpful as many people can take advantage of such a service and collaborate constructively.

However I would love the site to be integrated as an application within social networks like Facebook, where users can easily find out what they can learn from the global audience.