image thumb124 TC 50: Tingz wants to make your life easy with cross platform widgets integrated with payment systems Tingz, another startup that launched at TC 50, promises widgets and more widgets. The most interesting feature of the widget service is cross platform data sharing. The founders demo the service pulling in the same data set on Mac, iPhone and Windows Media Center PC.

The example that was demonstrated to get the idea out was that of a recipe widget on a PC that shows us how to make some thing nice to eat, with the option to bookmark the recipe in case some ingredients are missing. This entire information is than ported to a shopping list widget that can be access in an iPhone while you are busy grocery shopping in the super mart. So in a way everything becomes integrated to everything else.

Kevin Rose, however, was not much impressed by it as he pointed out that there are already tons of services that do something similar. In addition to this these tools are at cross post with the built in widgets in Vista and OS X.

But the thing that sets Tingz apart from the built in widget platforms in Vista and OS X is its built-in integrated with payment platforms. This ensures that you just have to provide Tingz with your credit card info and than the widget makers would worry about paying for your groceries or the toddlers tri-cycle that you just happen to buy. Its this sort of integration that makes life easy, which in turn makes us use services like these.

In order to have a seamless experience with Tingz, I would suggest you installing it on all three platforms i.e. Your Windows Media Center, iPhone and your Mac. The service is currently in private beta. Tingz has raised $310,00 in angel funding till now.

PS: Mind you Webware has the Tingz site linked to a wrong address. This is because due to some unknown reason the startup decided to have a .net domain instead of a .com one.

You can watch their TC 50 launch video below: