image thumb144 TC 50: Go Plan your Travel with GoPlanIt Traveling is tough, specially for lazy people like me. But the fact that one has to plan his trip, book hotels, chart out destinations and museums etc to visit in a specific city makes all this work even more cumbersome and hence unlikely to accomplish.

This is exactly where GoPlanit, a startup that launched at the TC 50, comes in handy. The site is a travel planning site that wants to ease out the process of generating travel schedules for you.

GoPlanit has a database of featured tourist attractions around the world along with their operating hours, how much time visiting a destination would consume and so on. Once you make up a mind to visit a specific city, you could just click on “Plan It” and leave the rest on GoPlanit.

The service will create a calendar filled with activities that you should or would be able to do. It does so keeping the operating hours of the destinations in consideration, the amount of time needed to visit each location, and any traveling time that might be needed to reach the place from your hotel. You could always do the tweaking to re-adjust the plans

Now if all that seemed ease of travel planning, the service also links to the sites from where you could reserve the tickets for the destinations, hotels, or museums further aiding in your travel tasks. This is also a primary business model for the site, since it intends to make money from commissions generated through these recommendations.

Once you have your plans, you could save it, print it or even have it on your mobile device. The service also generates a photo blog, where you could upload your travel photos and they would automatically be tagged geographically since the site knows your destination in advance.

So Go Plan It.

GoPlanit is based in San Francisco, California and has raised $500,000 in funding till now.

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