devunitylogo TC 50: ‘devunity’, the coder’s worlddevunity, a startup, which claims to be the first social development platform that focuses mainly on simplicity and productivity, has made it to the TC 50 finalists list. The layout of the site suits best for the developers/coders as the options available are in the form of tags i.e. <textarea>, {options}, etc. If you are a developer, then you must give it a shot.

There are several things you can do using the service. You can make online development communities, produce online applications, access reusable codes, enrich existing piece of code, discuss the specific code without leaving the code editor, consult others having issues, share code within your community, release your API code as a project and a lot more. The alpha version of the startup will be live soon.

We have earlier reviewed devunity, you can read out the complete review of the startup here.

If you are a coder then you won’t feel much difference as the environment is totally coder friendly. Here is a glimpse of their alpha signup page.

devunitysignup thumb TC 50: ‘devunity’, the coder’s world

devunity alpha Signup

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