image thumb79 TagTicket to support your customer support People who are associated with the sales and customer support and service department have a fair idea how tough it is to keep track of and manage all the support requests. TagTicket is now attempting a go at this problem. The service is a professional helpdesk that could aid you in managing, tracking, and sharing, emails and files between a team of customer support staff.

TagTicket is a hosted service so you don’t have to install anything at your end. Whenever a user sends an email to you customer support email id, TagTicket processes that email and creates a ticket in the system. The sender of an email gets an ID, which they must include in all subsequent emails and those emails would be added to this ticket.

The customer support staff could than attend to these issues and post follow up replies to the ticket by email and the system would add the reply to the ticket page and would also send the initiator an email. Additionally the support staff could do all this from within the TagTicket interface. Administrators can also assign tickets to other staff members, change the status of the ticket, or add tags to it to aid in future. In addition to plain emails, users can also send attachments like screen captures of the issues and these files are automatically added to the ticket.

On the negative side of things, TagTicket is not free and even the basic version comes at a price of $40 per month. This is something that I would like to see change over time. It would also make sense to offer organizations the luxury to install TagTicket on their own servers, since there are plenty of organizations who would like to have their knowledge base hosted on their own machines. But for this to happen TagTicket would have to release and open source version of their system, which although is the way to go might be too much of an asking.

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