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image thumb31 Zokem Raises 2 Million Euros For Sharing Your Mobile Activity

I remember talking to Ludovic Gaudé, CEO about Zokem, the Finnish startup that provided the app for your mobile to share your activity with connections. The application on your smartphone turned your activity on the phone and had it distributed using its on device sensor technology. You could be listening to music, trying to call in your friend or playing a game, whatever you did was on the main site being recorded and shared.

Arctic Startup reports that the startup has raised a healthy 2 Million Euros in funding and has adopted a new methodology to grip how consumers use their mobiles. Called the Zokem 360°, it enables the technology to better grip user activity on the phones and make it more useful for anyone who can utilize data. My only problem when I used the application was that it had too much control of the information I shared and honestly, it tracked a lot of my behaviour.

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image thumb MindTrek Launchpad: Zokem, share your life automatically

I used Zokem and I liked the idea behind the app: letting you share your life automatically. The application works pretty smooth and the first part is its available globally not just confined to one single country initially, which is the case with many apps. Its CEO, Ludo appeared to be quite excited presenting the idea to the audience, but you can’t really blame him especially if you have an interesting idea and more importantly you need others to learn about it. What I primarily found the issue to be with the app is how it can be monetized or what exactly is it going to monetize? Is it the user information that is being shared or what? I don’t see anything else that it can take up to build up a revenue model. There is somewhat a confusion associated to this or maybe there needs to be a lot more clarity about what exactly the startup plans to create for itself a business model.

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