image thumb16 Zingaya Lets Your Customers make Voice Calls From Websites: Why Need A Phone When A Browser And Microphone Does The Job!

Having a voice conversation with your clients or visitors is set to win you their loyalty. But it might not be convenient for everyone to use Skype, or any other voice mail services for numerous reasons. Zingaya is one startup that helps you resolve this issue by letting users make voice calls right from their browsers without the need to install any software.

Zingaya lets you simply embed a call button on your site and all users need is to press the Call button on the page and chat with you. The calls made are directly linked to your personal mobile number, fixed line or simply your Skype account. The service itself doesn’t involve difficult method for registration and offers three pricing models ranging from the Free that offers one widget, one line and call forwarding to Skype and calling functionality to multiple numbers. You can also opt for the standard model which costs $1 a day to advanced which costs $2 per day and offers additional features like call recording and Voice Calls.

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