image thumb21 Where To Find An Odd Job? Try Zaloot–Startup SundaySearches like Where to find the right job? Jobs for Engineers, Jobs for bloggers, etc. Those are searches for usually the most qualified and highly competed as there are a hundred [if not thousand] others ready to offer themselves for it. The problem gets bigger when someone wants to find an odd job to make that ever needed hourly wage in the spare time. I mean think of all the foreign students who have their summers and they need to find ways to meet their expenses of the few odd hours they are allowed to work each week. Jobs exist, but n way to find it. No more, as Zaloot comes as your odd job engine.

This means, you as a job seeker gets to find a Job to make quick money for all the spare time you have. The same goes for the employees, they can post a job, select a bidder and avail a good deal.

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