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image thumb98 YouTube Insights lets you share how your video is performing on the web

We can always guess the popularity of a video at YouTube with the rating, comments and views, however it gets a bit easier to analyze which video is more popular and worth monetizing. Users will now be able to take advantage of YouTube Insight, its very own analytics tool.  With this users will be able to publicly share information associated to performance across various regions of the world as well as informing from what site your video generates most traffic. To end it, users are displayed a graph which displays how your video has done over time. A feature worth having, given that YouTube dominates the online video arena and given its plans to monetize, the tool can be a real help to find the right content to attract advertisers.

image thumb85 YouTube adds 3D experience to videos

From HD videos to embedding search in YouTube, developers behind the online video site adding 3D viewing capability to the videos. The option is in its early development stage and is swarmed by bugs, but developers plan to fix those issues at the earliest. YouTube has grown into the most successful online video service over time.

image thumb59 Upgrade your IE6 to a newer browser if you need to watch YouTube videos

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youtube thumb YouTube now lets you upload up to 2GB files, lets you link and embed HDs directly

YouTube has extended that video upload size from 1GB to 2GB making it easier to up load bigger HD videos by users. Along with that you can also link an HD directly as well as embed the same. Although this could be done already but users had to take a turn around method, the update makes that easier and direct. However when it comes to linking the HD users still have to make an effort and add &hd=1 at the end of the video’s link. If you have got those HD’s that had been waiting to be uploaded on YouTube, now is the time you begin sharing them with the web.

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image thumb139 NewsPapers/publishers invited to share videos on YouTube: Google

Google is making moves to make itself the leading source of everything, from information, videos to news. Presently the search giant is inviting publishers to upload their video content at YouTube. YouTube news manager, Olivia Ma says anyone who has  their site indexed at Google can register as a news partner. These videos will be featured at YouTube’s news channel, like wise the advantage with doing so will be that publishers will be able to share revenue generated via the videos, unlike how things happen at Google News. Whatever the case be and no matter how big a reach that YouTube has, it will take quite some time before publishers actually start migrating from the platforms they usually use like Brightcove, etc. Especially given the fact that they are allowed to sell their own ads at the same time expanding their reach to various other networks. However the attempt by Google is definitely worth a mention as it continues to focus more on professional content.

image thumb127 YouTube Trailers: A channel for all Movie Trailer at YouTube

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image thumb92 Wonder Wheel comes to YouTube as well

Google made some improvements to its search last month which included the wonder wheel. Today YouTube also got its own Wonder Wheel that adds a visual navigation to search. Simply type in your query and you can select the Wonder Wheel on the right side just beneath the advanced options. This follows the countless improvements that YouTube has made recently.

image thumb58 YouTube now lets you share uploaded videos on Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader

YouTube has taken a step towards making it easier for users to share their recently uploaded videos with friends, though it comes quite late. With this users will be able to syndicate their recent videos to numerous other services on the web which include, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Presently this is confined to sharing new videos alone, but might very soon let users immediately share their favorites as well over these networks. This would automate the entire process of sharing content and follows the numerous steps it has taken to make experience at YouTube better, which includes YouTube Real Time.

image thumb23 Phishing Season Opens up at YouTube: Partners Beware!

There is another web service hit by phishers after their attempts at Twitter and Facebook. The current target is YouTube as reports state that many of its partners are getting emails that appear to have been sent by Google and YouTube teams. The email asks them to enter their login credentials and other personal information. While it’s pretty easy to pick out these phishing mails, the one sent from YouTube appears quite professional and neat. Just be careful if you are a YouTube partner and receive the following in your inbox.

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