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I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and there was a lot you all did. There is nothing much I have to say as of present so I thought why not search YouTube and find out a few funny videos to share with our readers. Now we all remember how disastrous having your relation added to your Facebook account can be. It can lead to breakups and even divorces. So here is one video that you can watch and learn from to remember what etiquette you need to know of when it comes to having your significant other on the social network.

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image thumb4 YouTube working hard to Sign Deals with TV Networks

Google is pretty busy, communicating with television networks in a bid to have them stream shows on YouTube. The plan is to stream content on the online video juggernaut pricing each at $1.99. Good enough and it would actually do good with only one drawback that you will not be able to download these. And that is quite a drawback to begin with, I mean why in the world should I pay a subscription fee only to have them stream online when I can readily have them downloaded at the same price?

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image thumb58 Univision shakes hands with YouTube

YouTube made a major announcement today as it partnered with the popular Spanish language network in the US, Univision. This partnership would enable YouTube to host content from Univision on its site. This would include not only clips but complete content as well. The partnership also brings Univision’s content out of its own network to another one for the first and the roll out of content will complete in the next few months and I guess both platforms  will leverage on each others’ influence to expand, though Univision will definitely take a bigger bite.

U2 Live on YouTube

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image thumb19 1 Billion Views a Day for YouTube, Great. But doesn’t really surprise me

1 Billion views a day, wait a minute, was this really worth creating a new logo, given especially that YouTube must have achieved the milestone quite some time back? But I guess YouTube needed it, which is by no means objectionable. To be honest it is definitely the most watched video source and I can bet many people watch it more than they do watch the television. Plus there is another reason they have, which is to celebrate the third year of its $1.65 Billion acquisition by Google.

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image thumb160 Tesla hires YouTube Exec as head of Communications

Looks like Google employees aren’t just wanted in the Web/software based firms only and even industry giants appreciate their expertise. Tesla Motors currently hired Ricardo Reyes as its first VP of communications. Reyes has had been heading YouTube’s public affairs and communications. I hope this turns out equally good for Tesla and they are able to tap maximum out of the YouTube exec.

image thumb57 YouTube revamps page, makes sure Search is more than just prominent

YouTube has come of age, growing into the leading online video portal to being the second most popular search engine, following its parent company Google, when it comes to search queries. The video portal has revamped its appearance quite a lot a sit moved its search box a bit away from the center, where it’s usually found. The new version is less old school, making sure that the search box is more prominent. I guess it has fully realized that no matter how good it is with video, search is as vital a part to it. To be honest the new page looks much better without all the grey it used to have in the masthead. While this might appear quite a little update, but it will have major affect on how each user uses the site, I am pointing at the greater number of search requests on the site with a ore prominent search box.

image thumb21 We might very soon see a YouTube sponsored F1, as Chad Hurley invests in USGPE

The best thing about being a founder of a business that is a part of a $100 Billion worth name on the Web, you can invest anywhere. YouTube’s founder, Chad Hurley has proven this right as he made investments in U.S. Formula 1 racing team. The racing team to carry the YouTube is USGPE and reports state that chances are YouTube is also going to sponsor the racing car as well.

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youtube thumb YouTube upgrades Promoted Video, which means better promotion (and even more Revenue)

It hadn’t happened earlier but YouTube is now pretty serious at making most out of its reputation as being the largest online video site. The number of videos against which revenue is tapped has shot up and today it took another step forward. It released another feature that would help push such videos via YouTube Promoted Video campaigns, which will now appear right on the page of the video being watched. Is that something close to AdSense for YouTube? The idea behind this is to make sure that its partners benefit the most by boosting the revenue each can generate. To be honest this one has no doubts attached, with this kind of promotion right on the page you are watching the video is bound to have a very positive impact on revenue generation.