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Just when we needed this. A break from all Apple news and something more interesting to look forward, the Avengers teaser has made it out and it is already firing up the Internet. The movie is set to be released sometime in early May 2012 to rock cinemas with the multi super-hero caste.

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Angry Birds Craft Angry Birds Theme Song Video Goes Viral

There is nothing more viral than an interesting video on YouTube. I mean its easier to decipher, much easier to get the message across and much more sensible to share. I came across Mashable recently and stumbled over a recent addition to the many self made videos from YouTube celebrities. Read More »

image thumb37 Google Says Goodbye To Eric Schmidt, Larry Page Takes Charge As Google CEO

Eric Schmidt of Google has decided to take a bow from his position as Google’s CEO. It took him 10 years to head what started off as a plain, simple and not so glamorous looking search engine that expanded into the most vital tools of our every day lives today. YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Gtalk, Google Docs and what not? Of course that’s the hard work and untiring efforts of the entire team but he Eric Schmidt had been heading this since 2001.

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If you thought Pakistan needed something big for a change. It’s definitely Jiggi Malik who returned from Canada after seven years seeing Pakistan in trouble. Kudos and thanks a bunch for your timely return Mr. Jiggi!

But aren’t you a bit wrong on the exchange rate for the Canadian Dollars?

image thumb15 YouTube Accounts To Be Integrated With Google Accounts: For A More Unified Access

Google appears to be rooting out accounts for YouTube and integrating with Google accounts system. We are already aware that new accounts on YouTube are created by using the cross site access functionality to use the online video sharing service. Most of the YouTube users from the pre-Google purchase have YouTube accounts that are not connected to Google, the idea to have one access for everything is a clever idea for sure.

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image thumb66 Update: YouTube And Wikipedia Unblocked In Pakistan: A Relief To Heightening Frustrations

I know many people in Pakistan were frustrated by the government banning access to YouTube and Wikipedia but there is good news for them all. People can access both the websites for now and I can bet everyone will be rejoicing this, I am to say the least. While this is good news for sure, Facebook still remains blocked, something that has made the liberals feels frustrated and left out.

I have no idea whether the accessibility is temporary or the ban has been lifted for good. But if you happen to be one of those detesting the bans in Pakistan, please do record and upload your video comments on the Online Video sharing site, chances are quite high that your view points might get a few hundred views of the 2 billion that YouTube gets each day.

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image thumb59 Facebook Ban Followed By Ban On YouTube And Flickr By Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.. Is Twitter Next?

Today is the day for which a group was created promoting the Draw Mohammad Day on Facebook and as a result the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was directed by the Lahore High Court to ban Facebook for an indefinite period effective from May 19. It appears that the PTA has also blocked access via proxy sites, access to social networking site via Mobile devices and any other way deemed possible. While I thought that was it, authorities here have got even stricter and have issued a ban on YouTube, Flickr as well.

This ban is temporary on YouTube and Flickr as of now, but we aren’t sure how long does temporary actually mean. Facebook hasn’t taken any action against the page stating that the page doesn’t violate any of its Terms and Conditions. I am surprised at this as many a caricatures were a direct insult to the Muslim faith and my point is justified. Of the 1 million or so Pakistani users on Facebook, 90% or so are in favor of this decision.

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image thumb55 YouTube Scores 2 Billion Hits A Day: Broadcast In A True Sense

While I am lost with covering news from here and there something slipped by unnoticed. Google announced that its online video sharing site has now crossed more than 2 billion hits per day. 2 billion… that’s an awful lot. The feat has taken 5 years for YouTube to achieve this, since its beta launch, 5 years of evolution and revolutionizing watching videos online.

Watching videos isn’t the only thing here, it is largest and the fastest growing destination for user generated content and it getting to this number has me feeling great about it. I don’t know why but whenever there is any such news about Google or its related services I feel glad to talk about it. However those 2 billion its average to only 15 minutes a user, meaning that there is still a lot of room improvement and that online videos are still way behind television, given that people spend 5 hours daily on an average.

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Now how lucky you can get? At first I thought this was some prank but Alec Brownstein definitely deserves an applause for getting himself working at Y&R New York by simply buying $6 Google Ad words in the name of a creative director Ian Reichenthal at 10 cents a click. Alec created ads for numerous creative heads and got interviewed by almost all of them [except one].

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