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yahoo logo thumb Yahoo brings its Reorg to Europe: James Tipple named its new Marketing Director

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yahoo logo thumb Yahoo looking forward to a makeover.... Hope this works

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image thumb122 Jeff Weiner takes charge as LinkedIns new CEO

Professional networking site, LinkedIn has got itself a new CEO as Jeff Weiner replaced Reid Hoffman its founding CEO. Reid Hoffman ha taken over the CEO position from Dan Nye, who stepped down from the position after holding it for two years.  Jeff Weiner was a former Yahoo exec who left it last year to join LinkedIn as the company’s president. Jeff had left Yahoo as it went through troubles last year and his move to join LinkedIn has proven to be more than fruitful as LinkedIn continues to expand.

image thumb100 Microsoft hires Kevin Timmons, Yahoo will eventually bleed its workforce to Microsoft (maybe)

Here goes another one from Yahoo as Microsoft hires Kevin Timmons. He was the head at Yahoo’s data center team and will be leading Microsoft’s Data Center Services. This is the second Yahoo exec that Microsoft has hired following the recruitment of Dayne Sampson. I guess Tim must didn’t quite like the idea of GeoCities being shut down by Yahoo earlier, which he was a head of.

image thumb84 Yahoo upgrades its Toolbar, its real time and its worth having

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image thumb82 Yahoo! Gallery follows Geocities and Yahoo! 360, shutting down on July 14

Yahoo is pulling the shutters down on another one of its service; Yahoo Gallery. This follows the shutting down of Geocities and Yahoo 360 earlier. I guess all this is to reduce the burden on Yahoo budget and Yahoo won’t be much hurt shutting this one down as it never really left the beta phase. The notice is right there on the site itself and that it will be shutting down on July 14:

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image thumb59 Yahoo welcomes Tim Morse as its new CFO

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image thumb30 Yahoo Opens up to More Third Party Apps in attempt to make MyYahoo more useful

In a bid to become more open as in announced that those using MyYahoo  will now be able to access third party apps by adding them to their start page. Those apps include the likes of WordPress, KaChing and those from Mint. Those are just a few of as many as 14 apps that you can make a selection from. This would provide users the chance to make use of the various services they use right from their Yahoo start page and help Yahoo achieve some significance amongst its users as a one stop platform to use services, without the need to access each in a different window. The entire thing is based on the Yahoo! App Platform, however developers need to work out a bit to make those apps work smoothly with Yahoo. Sounds constructive, for once Yahoo has given us something other than its usual news of execs quitting or some senseless deal with Microsoft.

image thumb17 "Bing is useless and We Will not have any deal with Microsoft" Says Yahoo. (Boring)

Somehow I am not at all surprised when I read Yahoo has once again burst all bubbles of a possible search deal with Microsoft. To be honest I would have had my mouth hanging for days to come had Carol Bartz accepted the offer. Along with this, she also made sure that Microsoft heard her loud and clear when she stated that all Bing would do in the search market is to have a mere bump and nothing else. Also worth mentioning is that if there is any acquisition that will be made it will come from Yahoo on a very small scale. Either Bartz has Merlin powers or she found some Nostradamus’ predictions that warn Yahoo about signing any deal with Microsoft. Anyone with better clues?


image thumb100 Time to move your luggage out as Yahoo 360 begins counting day to its shutdown

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