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image thumb6 Yahoo On Sale– Anyone Who Has Money Can Buy Us!

The last time I visited Yahoo was perhaps 2 years back, even more when the entire Jerry, Microsoft Saga was on fire. A lot has changed since, from being very quite to bursting out yesterday with the announcement of the firing of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz. That reportedly happened over the phone and it had a ripple effect all across the Web. Sadly there is more to it that the eyes can read.

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image thumb61 Delicious Is Not Shutting Down, Definitely Looking For Life Outside Yahoo!

Alright enough with the rumors on Delicious having the plugged pulled out by Yahoo! The people at Delicious have stepped out of the den and using the blog to pluck any suspicion about this happening. Relax loyal Delicious users, the service is here to stay.

Rumors started rolling out yesterday when there claims of Yahoo! selling off Delicious just because it serves no purpose at Yahoo. Agreed but that doesn’t mean Delicious itself is a service destined to be doomed. The folks at Delicious are however looking forward for a way to create a less Yahoo! dependant firm and we might very well hear a new plan sometime soon.

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image thumb82 Facebook Surpasses Yahoo As Number 2 Video Site, YouTube Still Way Ahead

Numbers always add more weight to your claims than just saying you are the leader in a certain category. I mean you can be a leader amongst losers around you? But lets not make this a lecture of some sort and come to the comScore’s monthly report for August which reveals stats on online video data in the US.

A whopping 178 million people watched online video content at an average 14.3 hours per viewer. Though the total number has remained unchanged and Google sites still lead with a massive 146 million unique viewers it gives me great joy to share Facebook climbing to number two. It had over 58 million unique viewers compared to Yahoo which it surpassed with 53 million plus viewers. Facebook rightly deserves this and Yahoo shouldn’t even be there at all. Honestly I didn’t ever knew that Yahoo even had a video site!

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image thumb1 Yahoo Executive Exits: Flickr Mastermind Kellan Elliott Calls It A Day

It really hurts to hear about someone really important in your organization waving goodbye and calling it a day. But I guess Yahoo has been hit by that so many times now that a lot of its key members have been leaving the once leading portal on the Web. The latest to do so is Kellan Elliott McCrea.

Kellan has been a key player at Yahoo, the mastermind behind Flickr, dubbed as the brains behind Flickr, the last of the few who actually knew the A to Z of the photo sharing site. He isn’t the first of the Yahoo lot, rather as many as three key executives had left Yahoo in the last month alone. Those include:

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image thumb127 Carol Bartz Says Google Is Holding By a Thread And Facebook Is Frenemy. I Think Yahoo Is A Jack Of All Trades [Now]

Talk about making it big! Yahoo and more importantly its CEO is once again in the news. Things are a bit different though and while Jerry Yang just created noise, Carol Bartz is trying to talk some sense. In a report today Bartz tried to drill deep into Google and figure out flaws in the Search Engine giant.

According to her, Google’s biggest flaw is Search, meaning that it has all its business centered around it alone. She stated in her interview:

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image thumb106 One Year Ago Today: 27th April 2009

With another daily addition of blast from the past, we go back one year to explore what made news on this date last year. Yahoo, Google, iPhone, Microsoft and Apple dominated tech news on our blog. As always we must have missed out news that was circling the Web and would appreciate if our readers can share the same with us in comments.

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image thumb56 YAwn HOO: Update Facebook Status From Your Yahoo Mail!

Talk about going more social. Yahoo is waking up from its slumber and making itself more connectible with Facebook as the Mail provider now enables users to update their status on the social network right from their inbox. There has been quite some movements lately from Yahoo, and this one follows Yahoo’s earlier move that let uses import their contacts from the social social network.

The procedure is pretty simple. You can link your Facebook profile to their Yahoo account. With this done, the next time you update your status on Yahoo, it will be automatically be updated on your Facebook profile too. Other than that you will also be able to see your contacts Facebook profile pictures of the contacts if those images are available. Plus the profile picture offers you a shortcut to their Facebook profile as well. While this does sound quite impressive and Yahoo is blowing all trumpets with how it is making its user experience more social, the winner is actually Facebook.

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image thumb10 Will The Web Eventually Come Down To Facebook, Google Only?

I was skimming across the reports earlier today and figured out that Facebook has outgrown Yahoo on the Internet. Doesn’t surprise me least bit, not that I had predicted something of the sort, but it was pretty obvious how exponentially the social network has grown in the last five months, especially. And this is only beginning to balloon more.

While those numbers can be put aside, what is worth noting here is the fact that the groups on the social network have grown far more exponentially, starting from 52 million in October to over 620 million presently that are being indexed by Google. Those numbers are far more than what Google indexes from eBay and just a fraction short of the total videos at YouTube. And we are only talking about the groups here, seriously they have spread like wildfire, giving a rough estimate of each user having two groups to their name. And that number is 200 times more than those of pages [around 3 million].

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image thumb19 Microsoft/Yahoo Deal Is Done; Only If The Government Gives a Green

The Microsoft/Yahoo deal is done, something we thought had been decided and made peace with last year. Well they did so, but both parties had a tough time coming to a common solution on the terms, not until yesterday when the two announced finalizing and implemented the search and advertising deal. Thank God for that, but is it over for real?

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