image thumb108 And the Drain continues at Yahoo as Boss’ Mastermind; Vik Singh bows out

Vik Singh has called it quits after bringing to us Yahoo Boss. And the reason wasn’t dissatisfaction or anything, rather he plans to become an Entrepreneur at Sutter Hill Ventures. The question is why isn’t Yahoo holding on to people like him? As for Singh, well, he is nothing short of being excited, he knows what he is worth, given that he has had experience with Microsoft Research as well. Plus he masterminded the entire Yahoo Boss project, which by every means is the best ones coming out from Yahoo.

Yahoo has lost a string of key players in its team in the last year or so. While it is good for a change, but the troubles it is in or has been over time, it definitely needs to do something to keep much of its polished talent within. I mean if this is the rate at which people will keep flowing, it might have better ideas, but not the sort of folks who can really make things happen for it.

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