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image thumb1 5 Wikipedia Donation Fails You Can’t Miss

We must promote the availability of knowledge for free. Far and wide and to as many people out there as possible. And when it comes to information, Wikipedia is the best source for all this (though I believe quite a lot of information was written by people who had no one to listen to their whining). What we do love about Wikipedia is when they have poor Jimmy Wales right on top of every article appealing for donations for Wikipedia, just to keep the knowledge hub running.

We are sharing some of the most WTF Donate For Wikipedia Moments and would love to have our readers share the same with us. Have you ever performed a search on Wikipedia for an odd word or personality and found Jimmy Wales picture right above that odd name or word? Feel free to share links! In the meantime enjoy ours!

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image thumb What Is Cloud Computing? Shit!
You might have MIT or Oxford’ PhDs in abundance explaining you the latest technology, but you fail. One reason why people resort to point based slides instead of hours of lectures. I have been trying to learn about the Cloud, what exactly makes up the Cloud Computing System and how (in)effective can this be? Had always failed to comprehend the technology, until I came across the following video.

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image thumb33 The Most Expensive iPhone 4 Costs A Whopping $8 Million! #WTF!

For those of you who buy an iPhone and it costs you an extra bit for a software unlocked one, I consider you all spending your money uselessly. Primarily given the fact that someone smart enough can readily jailbreak or unlock the device for quite cheap. Anyways, my disliking has got a lot less for those of you paying an extra $500 bucks for a factory unlocked iPhone 4, etc after coming across the genius of British designer, Stuart Hughes who has loaded your already expensive phone with Diamonds. And it costs a whopping $8 million! *gulp*

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image thumb8 I own Facebook And Zuckerberg Will Be My Employ! WTF!

I talk loads about Facebook on Startup Meme and often I have to skip reporting things primarily because the posts become too opinionated and are against the interest of our readers but this qualifies for the WTF tag. There is a man springing to his feet claiming he owns Facebook. Paul Ceglia, a New York based individual claims he owns 84 percent of the social network and even filed a lawsuit against Facebook CEO, the equally retarded Mark Zuckerberg.

The story is pretty fascinating where he tailors quite a story of coming across a contract which he signed with Mark Zuckerberg back in 2003, something he totally forgot. Further, he has pages of email conversations that he can use as evidence [err how long does it take to create these fake emails by the way?]. Other than stating he thinks Zuckerberg is an impossible person to deal with and that he can’t keep commitments. Feel sorry for Mark and I am guessing Ceglia is one of those persons who keeps his words and is spot on, I mean why would someone then complain about another man’s sincerity.

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