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WOT WOT Partners With Mail.ru Russias Largest Email ProviderSecurity online is one of the major issues and concerns for all the people hooked to it. We have seen how compromising can it be for anyone; from individuals to organizations. We have seen the Sony PlayStation network being hacked by some notorious folks out there and very recently the Nokia Developers Forum a couple of days back. It can be denting to the reputation that takes decades to build and trust that’s very hard earned. Now I don’t need to reiterate the entire philosophy behind trust building. Read More »

WOT LOGO Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

The Web Of Trust (WOT), the world’s leading crowd sourced reputation rating service with its global community reporting over 5 million sites reported of being malicious and untrustworthy, has gained a massive popularity over time.  It’s community is comprised of over 20 million people who have rated 30 million plus sites to date. The idea to protect users from such sites is a must need but the job is impossible to be undertaken by a few individuals, especially for the fact the Web continues to grow exponentially. We have social networks like Twitter and Facebook where loads of links are shared, countless applications requesting to access your personal information and the tragedy is they all prove to be havens for scammers and malware. Call it lack of awareness, but this grows for one reason or another.trans Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

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