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image thumb20 The Redirecting Issue At Startup Meme Has Been Resolved – Apology To Our Readers For Inconvenience

The last couple of days have been pretty hectic, especially for the fact that Startup Meme had been under attack and almost the links redirected to a malicious site. We discovered that the issue wasn’t just affecting us and many sites, including GoDaddy had been affected by the same. It has affected us badly and more importantly has caused our valuable readers a lot of problems.

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image thumb53 And Welcome Thelonius: WordPress 3.0

Welcome WordPress 3.0, the thirteenth release of WordPress. Need I mention that it is the most popular software that almost everyone on the Web uses? The latest release has taken an effort spread over 6 months of hard work and contribution from more than 218 people. You can easily update your existing version to 3.0 from your current WordPress dashboard or downloaded.

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image thumb47 5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Do you aspire to be a blogger? Or already have a personal blog on WordPress but looking forward to tips or must have plugins? Let me tell you that there are thousands of plugins that WordPress has to offer depending on your need and how you would utilize each. But no one is using all of those, even the best blogs, meaning there is always a preference and some of those plugins are really essential, almost every blog out there has those.

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image thumb12 6 Essential Facebook WordPress Plugins A Blogger Can’t Miss

I will be surprised if a blogger comes up and says he simply hates the idea of connecting his blog to Facebook. Maybe the blogger might have his or her own reasons to hate, but having Facebook plugins helps the readers at least. I mean you wont mind sharing this article with the FShare or the Like button at the top on your Facebook profile, would you? What if they weren’t available? I bet many would leave a comment complaining about the unavailability of sharing features.

Startup Meme is a WordPress blog so the following plugins are going to be really helpful to you if you are a WordPress blogger as well. I would however request that you make sure that your blog is running the latest version of WordPress.

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image thumb26 Tools: Useful Facebook Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

I was just looking at our fanbox of our Facebook fan page at Startup Meme and I just thought how many plugins are actually there that you can use to integrate Facebook with your blog. Our blog is based on WordPress so I began with my search for WP plugins for Facebook. Isn’t WP the most popular publishing platform for blogging right now?

I am sure there is a whole list of plugins out there that you can use. I will however share a few of those that let you integrate your Blog on WordPress with your page on Facebook:

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image thumb1 WordPress integrates RSSCloud. Are we talking about Real time Feeds?

WordPress has made itself a bit more real time with the integration of RSS Cloud to RSS Feeds. We all know how tiring it is to wait to have an updated feed in our Google Reader but this is about to change. The RSS Cloud would provide push notifications so that you know exactly when the feed is updated. It’s like leaving your desk and asking your colleague to let you know when you are needed (don’t mind the bad analogy here). Think of the RSS Cloud being a middleman in traditional feed reading and pinging, I mean who would want a ping on everything? Too much wastage of time that too for everything out there, while the RSS Cloud lets you select what interests you. Presently it’s just supported on River2 and will come to others soon. Sounds quite real time for blogs.

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image thumb65 SocialVibe partners with WordPress to bring Ads for bloggers.... All revenue will go to Charities

Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, is easing up ad restrictions that enabled users with paid accounts by letting those with free accounts to run ads as well. However these ads are SocialVibe widgets which means all revenue generated will go to community organization and charity works. With the current deal, bloggers will now be able to signup at SocialVibe to use its widget and embed it on their blog. Users can start bagging revenue once readers on their blog interact with the ad units and bloggers can choose from over 30 causes to which the donations be made.