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image thumb80 Steve Ballmer: Windows 7 is doing great.. oh it is really doing great.. [someone please make him relax]

Okay, I wouldn’t buy Steve Ballmer yelling out that a Microsoft OS is doing great, why? Well mostly because most of the systems in the market come loaded with it. But to be honest, Windows 7 has so far got quite a positive feedback and Ballmer is boasting about that. The OS has done twice as better as any of its previous OSs in the same duration of time. Good enough, I guess people really needed something good coming out after Vista and I am glad Microsoft lived up to their expectations.

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image thumb63 Seesmic shrugs ADOBE AIR, buckles up to bring Seesmic for Windows

We have TweetDeck and Seesmic as the leading Twitter desktop clients and today  Seesmic is making a move to step in with Seesmic for Windows. No this isn’t an update to its existing application, but a full fledged program for Windows that will utilize many features of Windows 7. The project has been in working for quite some time and is available on request and would enable developers to easily fuse their products with the application, meaning the updates will be available as plugins, much like you have for your browsers. It also offers ease of use, meaning you can easily drag and drop users into lists and across the application itself, giving you an easier interface to enhance user experience.

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image thumb68 Hotmail: "No access via Mobile Browser" .. Thankfully it was a temporary maintenance issue

Earlier today users of Hotmail weren’t able to access the email service via the mobile browser. The problem was due to maintenance of the service. The inaccessibility didn’t last for a very long time and is up and running once again. At first I thought this one is going to be a big one, much like the error I reported in April when Windows Live Hotmail reported that many of its long existing users didn’t have an inbox. Thankfully that’s has not been the case here.