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 Release iPhone 5 Imminent, iPhone 4S A Possibility Too

Behold more news on the iPhone 5 or should I say rumors. Not exactly, this close to the launch which is more or less being confirmed and locked for October 15 and as per some sources to be October 7. Whatever the date of the announcement is, we are now more sure that there will be two iPhone devices that are to be launched in October, the iPhone 4S, which is the update to the iPhone 4 and is tipped to be the less expensive and is contract free. The other is the other is the obvious iPhone 5.

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 iPhone 5 Confirmed For October 15

Wait, patience, coming soon, rumor are all the very common words associated to the iPhone and all the generations of the iPhone that have come and that are to come. We have been reporting the release of the iPhone 5 for the last one month and by all mean it has kept everyone on their toes. While the unveiling of the release of iPhone 5 is bound to happen in October, we might have had a sure shot confirmation.

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image thumb12 iPhone 5, Vodafone Shows White iPhone 5 And Memory Capacity

Add more weight to the rumors, it appears the iPhone 5 will finally be braced by many of its keen and anxious lovers. Most recently, Vodafone UK leaked a couple of specs of the next generation of the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is expected to be available in White, meaning that we won’t be waiting for ages to buy the White iPhone 5. Other than that the iPhone 5 will be available in both 16GB and the 32GB storage capacities.

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image thumb23 White iPhone 4 Sold In Italy And Belgium, Unboxing Video

The White iPhone 4 as had been predicted to release around these days; has finally surfaced for real. Customers in the European region have started revealing the device that they have purchased from stores in Italy and Belgium. Good for them, but just a question, were they waiting all this while to buy the white iPhone? What makes it a device to die for?

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image thumb14 White iPhone Releasing On 26 April In Italy–Another Apple Rumor

White iPhone, how many of the iPhone fans have actually counted days for its release? In fact how many of you have given up hopes of ever seeing the white iPhone? Bet there are many who have been frustrated with the countless rumors and the confirmation dates on the much waited device. Last week saw an entry of another expected date of launch, which was set to be in Spring of the current year.

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image thumb42 White iPhone 4 Coming Out Tomorrow ?[Rumor]

Rumors have been a vital part in any and every Apple news off late, especially for its products like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and the iPod 2. Well there has been one set of rumors about the White iPhone 4, that has seen everything from possible release dates to being pulled off the Apple Store. It appears we might just be in for another surprise.

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The White iPhone has been the talk of the day for many days. The rumors have been ringing in loud since Steve Jobs first announced the release of the iPhone 4. There have been delays, change of launch dates and a cancellation altogether. Latest reports have however confirmed that the white iPhone 4 is not releasing this, not even on Christmas.

image thumb24 The White iPhone 4 on Sale in Spring… 2011

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image thumb82 When Is The White iPhone 4 Coming? Never! As Apple Removes It From Online Store

There must have been quite a many of you who must have gone to the online Apple Store to see when is the White iPhone 4 ready to be on sale? Or when is Apple taking the orders? I bet we have been kept in dilemma over the White iPhone 4 since Steve Jobs actually took the stage and announced the fourth generation of the iPhone. Delay, delay and more delays before news finally breaks that the very image of the White iPhone 4 has been taken off the online Apple Store.

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