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image thumb13 My.Foliotek Online Portfolio Creation Tool, Special Promo Discount For Startup Meme Readers!

There is definitely a need for someone to showcase their work online in a neat portfolio, one that is easy to access and looks professional enough. One can create an online resume or send one out as a hard copy but it isn’t as effective. I mean I can’t describe all my work in a resume and make life hell for the prospective employer to read. And with the modern tools available, it is totally pointless (read stupid) to carry the bulk of your portfolio.

Enter My.Foliotek an electronic portfolio creation tool that allows individuals to showcase themselves in ways a resume cannot.This can help them land that first job, further their professional career or help them get to the next level in the higher education process.  My.Foliotek does this by giving you a central place to store files and the ability to present them in a meaningful way to viewers. It also has built in sharing that allows the user to publish their portfolio via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or a direct URL such as (yourname.foliotek.me). To put it in their own words:

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image thumb13 EduTecher, Bringing Academics To The Web EduTecher is a free social web resource for teachers and students.  Users are encouraged to explore, share, and contribute links and descriptions of free web tools that will be useful in an academic setting. Guess this isn’t a new bit as everyone is on the lookout for online tools to make life easier.

EduTecher enables teachers to create personal learning networks and connect with other users. Just like any social network it is a way to connect with people and tools that are more academic in nature, allowing members to post their own blog or participate in forums all focused around the successful implementation of educational technology. The idea as I see it, is to get the academics more closely associated to the Internet and Web, from their blog:

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image thumb9 OpenNearMe: Know What Is Open Near You And Avoid The Hassle

I think the worst thing to happen is that you step out of your house to buy something and all you get to see is a huge Closed sign slapped on the door. You always have the phone to call up and check before you leave, but is there any other smarter way? I mean you can’t just call up all super stores one by one and with the Web so evolved, one would rather resort to using the Internet for such needs.

OpenNearMe is a new startup that resolves the same issue. It simply indexes all the markets, stores, eating places, in short everything within its database and lets you know what place near you is open. It saves time, listing only places that are nearby on a neat map so that you are also able to make a better decision on selecting the nearest to your location.

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image thumb18 Web Application Development Made Easy With Formspider

Creating applications or even thinking about writing a code confuses me. Despite all the recent developments that have made coding absolutely easy for anyone, I somehow continue to be phobic to this. I am not sure if any tool would actually help me with this but for those who are trying to learn this Formspider, a new startup might be of great help.

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I sort of agree with the pictorial definition of the Web Developers and Web Designers. Though there have been instances when things have been the other way round for each of them.

Are you a Web Designer or a Developer? What are your opinions about the two?

image thumb84 Web Designers VS Web Developers In Picture For more interesting news you can join Startup Meme on Facebook or follow @smohkim on Twitter.

Thanks Taimur Khan

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image thumb61 Delicious Is Not Shutting Down, Definitely Looking For Life Outside Yahoo!

Alright enough with the rumors on Delicious having the plugged pulled out by Yahoo! The people at Delicious have stepped out of the den and using the blog to pluck any suspicion about this happening. Relax loyal Delicious users, the service is here to stay.

Rumors started rolling out yesterday when there claims of Yahoo! selling off Delicious just because it serves no purpose at Yahoo. Agreed but that doesn’t mean Delicious itself is a service destined to be doomed. The folks at Delicious are however looking forward for a way to create a less Yahoo! dependant firm and we might very well hear a new plan sometime soon.

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image thumb23 Twitter Gearing Up To Buy TwitterSearch.com… To Prevent Confusion Perhaps?

When you get big you think big and beyond the present. Everything starts appearing important and essential to your goals and with the giants on the Internet, especially in the social media arena, the idea of grabbing related domains is an everyday business.

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image thumb15 Sympoz: Your Online e Learning Startup

Sympoz is the startup that amalgamates the the expertise of the real people and the most essential elements of traditional learning with the accessibility and universality of the Internet. The idea is to expand classrooms and learning opportunities beyond the walled confines of a classroom and make learning available for everyone.

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image thumb39 Wrttn.Me Brings Notepad To The Web: Amateur And Aspiring Bloggers Might Love This One

I bet many of us still use the Notepad that comes loaded with our Microsoft Windows, don’t you? I state that because I have seen many developers use that to write codes because it doesn’t pollute the text area with grammar and spellings, which is pretty annoying. But since everything is moving to the clouds. why not the notepad? This is the same reason why Wrttn.me comes in, with a little bit of extra features.

The best thing this startup gives a user is that you can design your own notepad, it isn’t about simply typing in text. Wrttn lets you create custom CSS Styles as well as incorporate marking types like HTML5 or Markdown, etc. Or it can be just your simple text. I was just exploring Wrttn and figured out it can actually help you in a lot of ways, primarily for those aspiring bloggers and writers who are still confused on what platform to use for blogging? I wont actually call it a platform, but you can definitely use it for the purpose of sharing your thoughts, writings, even videos to share with the online community with Wrttn. The links for these note can be easily placed across social networks and recommendation engines like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc.

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image thumb9 Jailbreak Your iPhone From The Web With JailbreakMe

While all the news about the iPhone jail break being legalized has become old news but add more to it, you can now jail break your iPhone right within a browser by visiting JailbreakMe 2.0. JailbreakMe will let you jail break any iPhone 4, running version 4.0.1 of the iOS, or even previous ones.

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