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image thumb8 Collabor8Online Is About Taking Project Management Online

Who needs to continue with traditional methods of communication within organizations when the cloud has made things more efficient and effective? Well no one other than those who don’t value productivity. There are a lot of tools on the web that help make project management and collaboration easy, for example Nutshell that I personally use at work, but we thought its always good to add more variety. Collabor8online, is another Web Startup in the same category to help your team be more productive.

What Makes Project Management Better With Collabor8Online?

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image thumb3 Startup: Shphoonkle Is Your Free Legal Marketplace

Shpoonkle is an international legal reverse auction free site and is quickly becoming a global leader in centralizing a free legal marketplace. Our company offers a wide range of services designed to empower people through Shpoonkle – aiming at aiding attorneys and clients, any time, any place, and on any device. Shpoonkle is not a referral service. The services on the site are currently free to both Attorneys and Clients.

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image thumb2 Startup: RTBot Gives You Access To All Real Time Information

RTBot (Real Time Bot) is a Real-time information service, where you can enter a topic title and instantly get related digital contents from multiple sources (e.g. Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Books, Newspapers, Magazines) all at once.

In Short, you can access the freshest information and multimedia content about almost any subject, person, place or event in one single place. Have a look at it, it would surely interest you. RTBot aims to be a global top reference site, enriching the way people research, explore, learn, discover and monitor their topics of interest.

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image thumb FileFriend Is Your Online File Manager

FileFriend is the perfect combination of Facebook, DropBox and Google+. It serves as a helping hand in collecting and organizing your favorite files that you have stored in the virtual spaces (Cloud that is). Call it your personal assistant taking care of all the items you have scattered all over the cloud, FileFriend is something many would like to have.

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Jobs 365,000 New Jobs In UK– Google Predictions. Can Be 10 Times Higher In Developing Nations

If someone tells an opportunist that investing in something would result in over 100 new jobs daily, would entice him to hear more and be ready to invest. Especially if that idea is all about co-creation, collaboration and involves least possible investment from a unified body. That’s what the Internet can do, mentioned Phillip Schindler, London based vice-president of Google. Well actually the Internet has been doing exactly that in the last 5 years, maybe not hundreds of jobs daily but it has definitely opened up more doors to the youngsters and almost single handedly spread the word of entrepreneurship far and wide, so much that even the guy who has no idea of what that means, somehow knows what it refers to. Paradox? Maybe, but I couldn’t put it better than this.

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 Fix iPhone, iPad And iPod Possible With Apple’s Web Based Diagnostic Tool

We might have Apple working on what could possibly be a web based diagnostic tool for the numerous iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Oh and of course the Macs and the iMacs too. I think all the hints at the iCloud, indicate the importance of the similar service, who likes heading over o the Genius Bar to get your iPhone 4 fixed?

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image thumb26 Creating a Website? What To Know Before Opting For A Web Hosting Service

One of the major problems that many people who plan to have an online presence have that of finding the right Web Hosting Service for their website, portal or a blog. Now there is a plethora of services providing you these service packaged to best suit your needs, but it is you who needs to understand what exactly you want from these and how do you intend to leverage the same. Factors like cost of hosting, storage, security, etc are but a few of the many features you look forward to.

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image thumb7 New Weekly At Startup Meme–Startup Sundays

Dear readers, we would all like to thank you all for your loyal following ever since we started back in 2008. We have reviewed a countless startups, how tos, tips, guides and latest news on as many categories as we could have. But for those of you who have been following us from day one know that our specialty lay in reviewing startups. Be they applications for your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone/Mobile to Web applications and to be honest we have enjoyed it to the max.

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image thumb1 Google Gives Google Docs A Fresh Look And Keyboard Shortcuts

Collaborating with team members and colleagues would have been an absolute nightmare for me, had it not been for Google Docs. There might be additional collaborating tools available but the simplicity of Doc is better than any I can find. Though it does give you that ancient look and feel, but hey, what else are you looking forward to when it comes to sharing word files, excel sheets and presentations? Google however keeps the user needs in mind and keeps its services updated.

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WOT LOGO Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

The Web Of Trust (WOT), the world’s leading crowd sourced reputation rating service with its global community reporting over 5 million sites reported of being malicious and untrustworthy, has gained a massive popularity over time.  It’s community is comprised of over 20 million people who have rated 30 million plus sites to date. The idea to protect users from such sites is a must need but the job is impossible to be undertaken by a few individuals, especially for the fact the Web continues to grow exponentially. We have social networks like Twitter and Facebook where loads of links are shared, countless applications requesting to access your personal information and the tragedy is they all prove to be havens for scammers and malware. Call it lack of awareness, but this grows for one reason or another.trans Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

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