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image thumb15 Google Pulls The Plug On Goog – 411 Service

Remember Goog – 411? The 911 for business listings started back in 2007. It was available for free and people could get listings on their mobile devices via SMS as well other than using voice commands to control the same. However, Google now thinks it has stretched the service long enough and its time to pull the plug.

The reason why the service was launched wasn’t really because Google wanted to be the dervish and help people out. The search giant was primarily concerned with collecting voice data to improve its Voice recognition technology. This is exactly what we see on numerous smartphones with us, primarily the Android and on the iPhone, Nokia, Windows and the BlackBerry smartphones.

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image thumb34 Skype Embraces Multitasking On The iPhone, Won’t Charge You For Skype To Skype Calls Over 3G!

The multitasking capabilities coming with the iOS4 are doing good for the apps, Skype for one is taking advantage of this with updating its application for the iPhone. Users will now be able to make and receive calls, running their application in the background. However the multitasking feature is available for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS, sorry for those with the older iPhone 3G and the ancient iPhone 2G.

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image thumb63 Google Voice Now Available For Everyone – Let One Number Represent All

Google sure has taken all the time it could before expanding its Google Voice service beyond specific regions and users to everyone. There have been controversies of course, with Apple playing it ugly by blocking the Google Voice App for the iPhone and the latest reports of Google being sued for patent violations by Frontier Corporations. This isn’t new for Google and it wont stop it from finally rolling the service out for the masses.

Google has been up and about with its Voice service, introducing its mobile web application, its voice mail player integrated with Gmail. There were of course hiccups with the service as many users reported of the voice calls dropping every few seconds but there have been reasonable improvements over time as promised with the new features  included.

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image thumb9 Audioo Steps Out To Be The Global Database For Human Voice – Impressive and Useful For A Variety Of Purposes

Who doesn’t want to be a part of the conversation anywhere? You throw a topic at a crowd and you are bound to get loads of opinion, irrespective if it’s something serious you talk about out or not. The Web with all the essential tools and services it has to offer, be it social networking sites like Facebook or twitter to Google’s Voice service. Google Voice, there has to be a way to save all those conversations and someone else was thinking along the same lines and brought forward Audioo.

The startup has launched with a purpose to create a database of human voice. The project has initiated with an idea to start with voicemail sharing and plans to further increase the database by including any voice recording available. What I like about the application is that it enables you to search the entire database with keywords or by your area code. There also categories for you to browse through and find any voice, be it associated to work, fun or even those that are sexy. The idea is pretty clever,

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