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image thumb108 Confirmed: Google Pockets Visual Search Engine Like.com

So it’s official, Google has pocketed the visual Search Engine, Like.com. The deal’s financial aspects remain undisclosed but it appears that it was closed in the $100 Million price bracket.

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image thumb61 Google To Bolster Visual Search With $100 Million Like.com Acquisition

Visual Search is going to get a better of share of all searches made online. Primarily for the fact that it makes search more convenient and users can actually see what has been searched for. The news today is of Google acquiring Like.com, the visual search engine that has gained quite a momentum at combining computing with machine learning to provide a richer shopping experience.

Like.com was actually the continuation of Riya, which started off back in 2005 as the first service that utilized image facial recognition and tagging for users and did arouse interest of Google. But the search giant opted out and Riya was eventually shutdown. But that’s past now and Google is close to finalizing the acquisition of Like for an estimated $100 million.

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image thumb30 “Bing, Can We Borrow Your UI?” Google Tweaks Its Image Search Interface

Looks as if there is a greater influence of Bing coming Google’s way as the search engine pushes its images.google.com to a more visual mode. The Image Search Engine has shed off quite some weight in this experimental redesign and from the looks of it, it appears pleasant. Does that mean I was being arrogant to appreciate Microsoft’s Bing? Not exactly, but Google was simply getting too untidy with image results.

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