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How Much Does The Internet Weigh?

I am changing how things happen at Startup Meme and trying to add new life into this blog. While sharing tech news is great I think it is better to provide our readers with more useful stuff like videos and infographics. Expect us to share more of such items over time.

As of now, we bring to you a video via our friends at Make use of. This video explains how much does the Internet weigh and frankly speaking, it is far below my expectations at least. Enjoy the video and share it if you like! Read More »

image thumb15 YouTube Accounts To Be Integrated With Google Accounts: For A More Unified Access

Google appears to be rooting out accounts for YouTube and integrating with Google accounts system. We are already aware that new accounts on YouTube are created by using the cross site access functionality to use the online video sharing service. Most of the YouTube users from the pre-Google purchase have YouTube accounts that are not connected to Google, the idea to have one access for everything is a clever idea for sure.

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image thumb55 YouTube Scores 2 Billion Hits A Day: Broadcast In A True Sense

While I am lost with covering news from here and there something slipped by unnoticed. Google announced that its online video sharing site has now crossed more than 2 billion hits per day. 2 billion… that’s an awful lot. The feat has taken 5 years for YouTube to achieve this, since its beta launch, 5 years of evolution and revolutionizing watching videos online.

Watching videos isn’t the only thing here, it is largest and the fastest growing destination for user generated content and it getting to this number has me feeling great about it. I don’t know why but whenever there is any such news about Google or its related services I feel glad to talk about it. However those 2 billion its average to only 15 minutes a user, meaning that there is still a lot of room improvement and that online videos are still way behind television, given that people spend 5 hours daily on an average.

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After a long day doing nothing other than watching a countless fellows waster an eternity on Facebook’s Farmville and Mafia Wars, there is nothing better than a video parody. We shared with our readers a Farmville parody earlier and here comes another one from Tobuscus. I really admire the hard work put to create these videos and really slashing out the addicts.

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image thumb89 Firefox Add ons For A Better Facebook Experience: Photos And Videos

Another set of useful Firefox add-ons to help your Facebook Experience on within the browser. I will be discussing in the post 3 useful Firefox add-ons to upload files to the social network of your choice. The add-ons are pretty easy to use and equally effective:

Firefox Universal Uploader

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