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I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and there was a lot you all did. There is nothing much I have to say as of present so I thought why not search YouTube and find out a few funny videos to share with our readers. Now we all remember how disastrous having your relation added to your Facebook account can be. It can lead to breakups and even divorces. So here is one video that you can watch and learn from to remember what etiquette you need to know of when it comes to having your significant other on the social network.

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funding thumb5 Magnify raises $500,000 for its online video service

It appears that online video services are being lucky as funds pour in. Another such service provider Magnify.net bagged $500,000 in new round of funding. The round isn’t close yet as it waits for another half a million dollars to pour in. With a dozen employees at work and clients that include New York magazine with a break even nearby, however it hasn’t been able to gobble large sums of money in funding but that shouldn’t come up as surprising given that there are even bigger players in the field.

image thumb17 KidZui goes from safe browser to safe Video, launches ZuiTube

KidZui, the web browser for kids that we had covered earlier has stepped in to the online video category as it launched ZuiTube. The video site will be powered by YouTube and will have clips for kids that have been filtered by a group of both parents and teachers. With over 60,000 clips already, I bet both parents and teachers have done a pretty good job (and a tough one) to give kids what is for them alone. The startup which has been doing pretty good has a pretty good monetization plan as makes money by selling premium features like customized avatars, and more secure controls for parents.

acquisition thumb Google grabs Video Compression site On2 Technology for $106.5 Million

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youtube thumb YouTube upgrades Promoted Video, which means better promotion (and even more Revenue)

It hadn’t happened earlier but YouTube is now pretty serious at making most out of its reputation as being the largest online video site. The number of videos against which revenue is tapped has shot up and today it took another step forward. It released another feature that would help push such videos via YouTube Promoted Video campaigns, which will now appear right on the page of the video being watched. Is that something close to AdSense for YouTube? The idea behind this is to make sure that its partners benefit the most by boosting the revenue each can generate. To be honest this one has no doubts attached, with this kind of promotion right on the page you are watching the video is bound to have a very positive impact on revenue generation.

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