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image thumb7 Massive Online Collaboration: ReCaptcha The Captcha

We thought about sharing an interesting story on Captcha and ReCaptcha. Thought we should share this on our blog too along with the video.

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image thumb11 Internet TV Is Veoh The Perfect Place For Fans?

Veoh is a very interesting Internet TV site; it not only provides a huge selection of TV shows or videos but also streams some videos directly from other Internet TV sites such as Hulu. This is quite a good strategy as it allows Veoh to expand its library and that too without having to store the videos. What more does a site need than this?

The thing that is quite frustrating about Veoh, which is worth mentioning, is the fact that the content available on the site is quite cluttered. Compared to other sites, the clips and videos available on Veoh are often misleading and irrelevant since the clips are mixed with the full episodes that you are looking for.  The reason for all this cluttering is that many clips and videos are submitted by the users, so when you search for a specific video you will come across the search result showing many irrelevant videos and user content that is of no interest to you. Due to these unprofessional and user-submitted clips, the site often looks amateur when you are searching for professional TV shows. Read More »

image thumb12 Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X

For those of you who into video editing and worship Apple’s popular video editing software, Final Cut Pro, here’s some fresh update. The software will be getting a new version named Final Cut Pro X, which I hope arrives in our office as well so we can rid ourselves of the ancient FCP 7.

Final Cut Pro X will be the first 64 bit version of the software and will be fully capable of utilizing 8 cores and require more than 4GB of RAM. The latest version was revealed at an event that took place in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters.

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image thumb17 Startup: MyLastVid Ensures You Had A Chance To Say Your Last WordsMyLastVid is a service that allows people to record and store videos to a secure database. Users can specify a decided time for the video to be released, be it on some special occasion as well as to whom. The startup is ideal for ensuring that your precious words and thoughts are recoded and preserved for the right time and the right occasion. These may include your message of love, a will or just a narration of your most memorable moments.

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Pod2g announced a short while back about what has been happening recently amongst the developers. Apparently Pod2g has been working together with Onaj and p0sixninja on an untethered jailbreak for the iOS 4.2.1. The problem is the video shared doesn’t really demonstrate if this is untethered jailbreak is based on the bootrom exploit or is userland based.

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If you thought Pakistan needed something big for a change. It’s definitely Jiggi Malik who returned from Canada after seven years seeing Pakistan in trouble. Kudos and thanks a bunch for your timely return Mr. Jiggi!

But aren’t you a bit wrong on the exchange rate for the Canadian Dollars?

image thumb58 The New MacBook Air Commercial Steams In – Video Speaks a Thousand Words!

I understand not many of the readers out there have the time to read loads of texts on a product. Especially today when Apple is busy with it Back to the Mac Event and making it difficult for everyone to grasp the update on their Twitter timeline. So I will keep it simple.

If you are looking forward for a quick grasp on the new MacBook Air, you can watch the following commercial of what Steve Jobs considers to be the future of the notebooks.

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image thumb82 Facebook Surpasses Yahoo As Number 2 Video Site, YouTube Still Way Ahead

Numbers always add more weight to your claims than just saying you are the leader in a certain category. I mean you can be a leader amongst losers around you? But lets not make this a lecture of some sort and come to the comScore’s monthly report for August which reveals stats on online video data in the US.

A whopping 178 million people watched online video content at an average 14.3 hours per viewer. Though the total number has remained unchanged and Google sites still lead with a massive 146 million unique viewers it gives me great joy to share Facebook climbing to number two. It had over 58 million unique viewers compared to Yahoo which it surpassed with 53 million plus viewers. Facebook rightly deserves this and Yahoo shouldn’t even be there at all. Honestly I didn’t ever knew that Yahoo even had a video site!

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image thumb18 Speed Test: iPhone 3G Running On iOS 4 And iOS 4.1

Performance is a top priority for any device and Apple has proven it beats many when it comes to the smartphone arena with its iPhone. I hate to say it being an Android fan but that’s the truth in many cases. Both the hardware and the software play an equally important role when it comes to the overall performance of the device. Apple released the iOS 4.1 with promises from Steve Jobs that the latest version would resolve many issues, primarily for the iPhone 3G users running on the iOS4.

Putting the software part to test, Lifehacker [thanks] shared a video on performance of the the iPhone 3G on the iOS 4 and the iOS 4.1 comparison. The video doesn’t really show a massive difference in performance but it some cases the difference is significant, especially when loading the maps. On others, like Photos, browsing on Safari, the speed difference is marginal and not really that great to make you drool over update. The winning feature with the iOS 4.1 is definitely going to be the fixes for other issues that many iPhone 3G users have complained about.

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image thumb8 The Pirate Bay Documentary Maker Fetches $34,000 To Bring Us TPB Story

Often people waste loads of video footage that they have compiled over years by just not being creative enough. They might have videos on the worst storms or the most memorable moments, or better still those about big companies and their tales. Not Simon Klose though. The documentary filmmaker claims to have more than 200 hours of unedited footage, which he plans to turn into a full length feature by the name of, The Pirate Bay: Away from Keyboard.

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