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You call it luck or good timing, Sohaib Akhtar of Pakistan might not have known that he would be a part of the Web history as the only person Live Tweeting the Abbottabad operation which involved US armed forces and the Pakistani Intelligence Service killing Osama Bin Laden. The guy is an IT consultant and was probably on a break in the quite of Abbottabad. But things changed and I am sure the atmosphere will not be as peaceful in the city as it had been.

Following are a few tweets he sent last night. Thanks to TC for compiling these up.

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image thumb1 Osama Bin Laden Dead At Last, Barrack Obama Confirms, Social Networks Go Crazy

So Osama Bin Laden is dead? That’s the worst news you can hear early in the morning, that too in the country you are a citizen of. I am not a political analyst nor is this a political or anti-terrorist blog but what makes it worth its mention is that the whole is crazily taking over the Social Networks. Read More »

image thumb61 President Obama Meets Steve Jobs To Discuss State Of Technology. Wonder If That Was It

The President of the United States Of America, Barrack Obama is reported to have met the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs in a one to one meeting when he flew to California. While meeting Steve Jobs wasn’t really the major agenda of President Barrack Obama’s visit, as the president is visiting the West Coast for bigger reasons.  The mid term election campaign, as has been confirmed by Robert Gibbs, the press secretary of the President.

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image thumb39 Marine Gives Up, Pulls Down Facebook Page As Comments Spark Debate

I recall a post I did earlier about an Israeli soldier whose update on a mission against militants led to his court marshal and the mission being called off. Back then I stated that there should be a serious thought over allowing military personals to use social networking sites. Especially when they are on a mission or on duty. Today a similar report pops about a soldier on service whose post sparked some argument on President Obama’s policies.

Sgt. Gary Stein, the man in question, seeing the trouble rising had no option but to pull down the page from Facebook to end the dilemma. So much for freedom of speech, eh? I am sure he hadn’t stated any state secrets or top secret mission information, the man was simply voicing his concerns much like any other citizen over Obama’s health policy. There was no statement that was intended to spark a political debate in any manner whatsoever and yet he had been asked to take such an action for it would have made the authorities think that his statement was representing the entire division and that he had full support from them. Given how things shape up when it comes to armed forces and governments, that concern was pretty justified.

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