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image thumb161 Startup Meme partners with TwitterBugg

Startup Meme is proud to announce its partnership with TwitterBugg, a hub for Twitter backgrounds that we had earlier covered. The partnership in line with Startup Meme’s efforts to promote Startups on the Web and give them exposure to our reader base. We look forward to building up a healthy partnership in times to come and wish TwitterBugg luck with gaining mass following on the Web.

Startup Meme is ready to partner* with more startups and each of these can send their requests at mohkim[dot]khan[at]startupmeme[dot]com.

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image thumb117 Twitterbugg: Backgrounds for your Twitter.. and they are pretty good

Who wouldn’t want to give some colors to their Twitter profiles? Many would if not all and this is one reason why another provider of Twitter backgrounds jumps out: Twitterbugg. I remember very recently covering another one by the name of Twitrounds which was pretty impressive but Twitterbugg appear way better as the backgrounds appear more professionally done. The best part is its creator has taken a break away from the traditional glittery images and immature backgrounds that really didn’t go well, especially if you were looking for something more tasteful. As I said earlier, the backgrounds appear more professional and are pretty aesthetic, good work Twitterbugg.