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image thumb24 Searchtastic: Making Twitter Search better

Twitter continues to grow and grow very rapidly while other startups and services leverage its API, specially the real time search aspect. Searchtastic is another startups launching itself as a new Twitter search engine that enables you to search for tweets via keywords. The results include the latest as well as tweets from the longer duration back in time like weeks or months. This is quite impressive as you can mine the Twitter archive no matter how deep in history you have to go. Plus it lets you see tweets from a particular user as well, simply enter the username and the keywords and you will be shown the results associated to these. Pretty plain layout, but this doesn’t really a lot if it fills the purpose it has been created for.

image thumb23 Lufthansa launches MySkyStatus to Tweet about Flights

There have tweets from almost everything now, unborn baby to God knows what else. Presently we come to hear that tweets have been coming in from planes too and those are done by the airlines. Lufthansa has taken the initiative and launched MySkyStatus that posts where your flight is on Twitter or on Facebook. The status is more like an information sent out on where the flight is at a particular moment every hour or so. Sounds quite an interesting idea and Twitter has once again been put to some good use. Though I just hope they don’t allow passengers or worst still the crew to post tweets and make them addicts. Why? Well you all know what I mean by that.

image thumb7 Is Twitter Over Capacity at the moment?

Is Twitter really having some bad time? I am not sure but I have been getting the overcapacity issue every now and then for the last hour or so. Though it kept jumping back after a couple minutes but the last one lasted for a good ten minutes and counting. Is is just me in Pakistan or are others facing the same issue as well?

image thumb5 Create your own Twitter Background for free with TwitLay

If you are already tired of the countless applications that are there for creating backgrounds for Twitter here is another startup, TwitLay. The free application lets you upload images, etc and fully customize the background for your Twitter page. Well that is for those who are pretty creative and can go about having a very personalized background to go with their Twitter profile but for those who aren’t so can use any background that has been already created and add it to their account. And there is no price attached to it. Pretty nice, I guess with Twitter users in hundreds of millions and always growing, people can definitely use all the choices available to make their page more impressive.

funding thumb3 Twitter bags $100 Million in another round

Twitter is minting some funds as the microblogging network raised a healthy $100 Million in a new round. The investment came from new investors, Insight Venture Partners and T.Rowe Price along with existing partners. We aren’t sure on what valuation the funding was based on. However we had earlier got a tip that the valuation was close to 1 Billion and the current funding brings it total cash to $155 Million in the last couple of years.

image thumb52 MySpace expands Twitter Syncing, adds six more countries

MySpace has been busy syncing itself with Twitter and  it appears to have accelerated the process as it added half a dozen more countries. The service has been extended to Canada, India, New Zealand, UK, Australia and Ireland and users can visit the page here to sign up for the service. It has also got many celebrities syncing the two services, perhaps to win more users but the move itself is very positive. I would love to have stats on how many syncs have been performed so far and when exactly is MySpace planning to go global with this?

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image thumb48 Tweet Scenes lets you get Custom Backgrounds for Twitter…. for $129

While Twitter itself might not be monetizing what it exists for, there are services that continue to thrive using it one way or the other. We have covered quite a lot of Twitter background creators and Twitter Scenes is one of them. The service plans to make background creation for Twitter much easier. All that you need to do is send a logo, images, links and information about what your company does along with a payment of $129 and have your background ready and delivered within three days. Sounds quite professional, but who is going to pay $129 for something you can get for free? I guess not many, but there are folks out there who would just spend money on anything and a Twitter background is a big enough reason to spend some cash on.

image thumb42 Twitter eyes the cash, expects to raise more at $1 Billion Valuation

There has quite a lot that Twitter has raised in funding, the total which goes sums to $55 Million at present. However that isn’t going to stop here as the micromessaging service looks ahead to raising a massive $50 Million in a new round of funding at at a valuation of $1 Billion. This follows the $35 Million round that it raised in February this year, but the site has grown exponentially since then, with its visitors increasing by three fold. And the service is still free, which is quite admirable, although it is beginning to show a slight tilt towards monetizing its platform with its new TOS and might start charging to provide premium services.

image thumb28 And now Facebook will openly use Twitter’s ‘@username’ on statuses

Is Facebook really trying to step over Twitter? There has been a lot of speculation, given that it had beaten MySpace in the social network race and that didn’t stop Facebook from growing even more. The only related service that outgrows it is Twitter and given Facebook’s desire to grow even more, the FriendFeed acquisition sounded quite justified. However TNW reported of a new very Twitter like feature on Facebook that lets you make mentions/tag other users by using the @username notification we always use on Twitter. This also opens up your chances of making mentions of people who you are not directly connected with, plus the admins of Fan Pages will have an easier way to keep a check on user comments.

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image thumb13 Back to the Past: The Need to Socialize

I always use to hear this from my dad ‘You need to have a PR in order to expand’. This was almost 15 years back, when the Web hadn’t really evolved to what it is at present and his PR meant meeting people in real life. I wasn’t into all this, meeting people, chatting with them let alone the idea of using them to expand. Never really understood the idea. But in comes the Boom and we have the Online World, a.k.a Social Networks and I am writing a blog for passion and always on the lookout to expand it to the readers all across the globe. I understand the need to socialize, to build up a PR and the Web has taught me this. Surprising as many a gurus have benefited from the real life PR to grow into what they are on the Web, I am taking a different direction and I bet there are many out there who are doing exactly what I am, perhaps in a much refined manner.

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