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image thumb112 TweetDeck comes with more improvements; Maps, LinkedIn and what not!

There is more coming up with the new version of TweetDeck and those includes its endless support for ReTweets, LinkedIn stream and geo tagging messages with maps. Talk about making a mess of the entire TweetDeck board, which is something I seriously don’t like at all. But that is something which can be taken care of as it enables you edit these lists directly into transparent pop out boxes and provides suggestions for people you can add to the list that you are to create.

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image thumb93 Facebook testing Status Updates via Email.. This would end woes of users who can’t access Facebook at work!

Status updates on Facebook sound cool but to have them made via email is even cooler. Especially back in my office where the access to the social network has been blocked thanks to Farmville, Petville and God knows what else Ville addicts. The feature is still in test and would also enable them to comment on threads using the email. The feature is only available to a very few users but it is definitely set to come out pretty soon, giving users like me a chance to keep the Facebook status updates using email.

image thumb81 Okay Twitter we got it! We Will TRY and use RT too

The RT has definitely gripped Twitter and it really is set to make itself much easy to use with time. Perhaps taking heed of the suggestions or maybe hates being compared to any other in the same category. I mean the RT is so much over its head that it has got the note right there above the message box. SO now we have RT, RT with SMS and most probably RT with French support. Way to go Twitter, but I bet many people don’t like it much. Any say our readers?

After taking its time building itself up in private beta, Brizzly, the Twitter and Facebook client is finally available for the public. The client makes it easier for users to easily view videos and photos right within the streams on Twitter as well as letting you make direct uploads. The client is still in beta which means there will be tests still and one of those experiments is tweet translation. Sounded interesting given that if someone tweets you in a foreign language, those tweets are automatically translated into your own language.

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image thumb77 ‘Le Web here I com!’ Twitter rolls our French Support

The worst thing to find out if you have slept the entire day is that you end up missing important news, which is exactly what I missed with Twitter. The micromessaging service yesterday rolled out support for French language. I guess that is the first step towards expanding itself by introducing support for other European languages which include Spanish, Italian and German. All in good time, given that Le Web is just around the corner, support for French would come in handy, rather much more than that.

image thumb75 Twinester: Join or Create Twitter Groups and Nest yourself in it

Twitter might have the right offering with its Lists feature but the issue with them is that they are more like individual categories or selection and not some generalized groups. Twinester is a startup that has all that, groups that you can join for each category that is of your interest. Why do so? Well it saves you the time of searching or making one on your own. Simply login with your Twitter profile and there you have it, figure out your group and be a part of an active and more interest centric discussions.

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image thumb73 Twitter now has ReTweets via SMS (only in the US I suppose)

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image thumb72 Twitter might be Big, but Yammer has the features that Twitter much have

It began as Twitter for businesses but Yammer is definitely doing a better job when it comes to introducing new features. Recently the service made it easier for its users to add notifications about unread messages with numerous ways the service is accessed. Sounds great, something which is rightly missed in Twitter, I mean Twitter’s desktop clients like Seesmic and TweetDeck do have those notifications but there is no way this can be done from Twitter itself. I hope Twitter makes a note on this and integrates something similar too.

image thumb63 Seesmic shrugs ADOBE AIR, buckles up to bring Seesmic for Windows

We have TweetDeck and Seesmic as the leading Twitter desktop clients and today  Seesmic is making a move to step in with Seesmic for Windows. No this isn’t an update to its existing application, but a full fledged program for Windows that will utilize many features of Windows 7. The project has been in working for quite some time and is available on request and would enable developers to easily fuse their products with the application, meaning the updates will be available as plugins, much like you have for your browsers. It also offers ease of use, meaning you can easily drag and drop users into lists and across the application itself, giving you an easier interface to enhance user experience.

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image thumb61 Kodak knows Twitter is important and TweetPhoto is what it will use to share Photos

Kodak is bringing its heavy duty imaging technology to utilize the ever popular social media. It is presently expanding in to use micro messaging service Twitter to have a greater influence online and is now using TweetPhoto to share photos by default. That is not a surprise, given that TweetPhoto itself has become a default photo sharing service on Twitter, plus it is also the default service to share photos on TweetDeck.

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