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image thumb 5 Tips On How To Be A Power Social Networker

There is no shortcut to learning and experience always help you find the right answers, methods, etc to succeed and better plan for. It even includes building up a reputation and gaining the trust of those around you. Especially on the Web, where your activity online is your only true representative. I will be sharing a few tips on how to possibly build a healthier online reputation the various social networks you are a part of.

Before I continue, let me clarify that these tips are not social network specific and apply to everything and anyway you connect to people.

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image thumb60 Twitter Runs Past 20 Billion Tweets – What’s Your Share?

20 billion tweets on Twitter and still counting, that is what Twitter has achieved since its inception. The stats have been put forth by GigaTweet and the micromessaging service has added more than five billion tweets in the last two months. Evident enough to show how the activity levels on the service have increased by leaps and bounds.

While GigaTweet can be considered as an unofficial source, Twitter itself had earlier mentioned it’s user base is increasing phenomenally with over 50 million users joining the network daily. I have been a late adopter of Twitter and what I have observed in this duration is that the service has become more than just a shameless marketing tool to something that has more conversations building around it. Plus another thing that accelerated it has been its placement across every site out there [even our blog].

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image thumb59 Suggestions For You: Will Finding Right People To Follow Be Easier With Twitter Update?

And from Facebook the suggestion feature comes to Twitter. The micromessaging service which boasts more than a hundred million users will be assisting its bewildered users finding those they share similar interests with. Titled Suggestions for You, Twitter ensures that the feature is as personal to you as it can be.

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image thumb24 The Missing Majority On The Web: Is Complex Technology Putting Barriers To Make People Look Beyond The Read Only Medium?

Something remarkable happened on the Web during the last few years. Initially the Web was like a spectator sport where millions of us sat around the stadium and watched the creation of a small number of people. That picture started changing a few years ago when a large number of us got off our seats and walked into the playing field. We were not passive spectators any more, and quickly realized while it is enjoyable to watch the game, it is lot more fun to play it too. Today many of us actively change the Web almost every day by writing blogs, commenting on them, exchanging notes through Facebook and Twitter, posting our photographs and videos, writing product reviews, or simply by voting on something. What was strictly a read-only medium became a read-write medium. What was a passive activity became an active one. The growth of Web 2.0 has been phenomenal and spectacular.

During all this time the number of people on the web has been growing steadily. According to internetworldstats.com, the number of web users across the world is 1.7 billion in 2010, and Facebook, by far the most popular social media site, have nearly 500 million users. Therefore, the percentage of web users who are on Facebook is about 29%. The web metrics company Alexa also estimates that 34% of all web users are on Facebook. This is a jaw-dropping number, and far exceeds any other social media site, including Twitter, which enjoys less than 7% of all Web users (see Alexa graph).

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image thumb79 Google Desperate To Rock The Social Networking Arena With A Facebook Competitor

Google made quite a buzz about Google Buzz in trying to compete the likes of Twitter, FriendFeed, etc. Honestly it isn’t that big of a success. And while all this was supposed to have down, Digg’s founder, Kevin Rose tweeted a rumor. Google might be in the process of releasing it’s very own Facebook Competitor called Google Me.

Sounds more like you are forcing folks to search you on Google. Why would Google want this? In my humble opinion, it might just be a move to amalgamate its branched services into one, just like I had been predicting for well over a year now. Facebook started off as a social network and then introduced services, features like groups, fan pages, personalized profiles and now location. Head over to Google, it has all those services in the form of Buzz, Latitude for location and who can forget Google Wave? What Google would do is try and integrate these in Google Me and might just make it big.

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image thumb48 Twitter Reactivates SMS Service In Jordan, Kuwait And Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

After putting a ban on its SMS service in numerous countries back 2008 and early 2009, Twitter appears to be restarting its service country by country. The lucky country to get back the service now is Jordan as our fellow blogger Gaith reports at ArabCrunch. The ban was placed back in 2008.

The service appears to have been enabled with a possible collaboration between Twitter and Zain, the largest mobile operator in the Arab region. Other countries including Kuwait [Zain] and Saudi Arabia [with STC] have also been given access to the text messaging service. I haven’t seen or tried this personally but from the screenshot and the report it is confirmed that the service has been reactivated.

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image thumb44 Twitter: From Fail Whale To Blank Timelines…

What exactly is happening with Twitter? I have been ignoring the troubles with it for almost a week now, given the number of fail whales with the micromessaging service and random account logins. But today after facing some downtime earlier and coming back it appears to have reset all tweets.

Well obviously one should be glad that the site is working fine enough and letting users place updates but it is quite astonishing to see it removing the number of tweets of many users. The warning was given by Twitter regarding the maintenance and that its users will be seeing removal of tweets as well as an empty timeline on their profiles.  From Twitter’s status blog:

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image thumb29 Twitpic Launches Photo Tagging, Looks In Good Shape To Leverage 190 Million Twitter Users

Twitpic is growing, it has already become the largest portal as Twitter for pictures and is introducing more functions and features. The latest to come forth is Photo Tagging, a feature that has been long available at other social networking sites like Facebook. There is no point in comparing the two here as they both cater to different versions of online social networking.

Twitpic has been upfront with updates and photo tagging is its next step after it launched the feature that let users categorize photos as per events. Again, the reason why there is a need to have such features is because users want more than just a portal or application to share pictures, they are looking for more functions, better organizing so that it is easier to share, discover and readily available to search. Which makes the introduction of the feature ever justified.

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image thumb57 Facebook Ban In Pakistan Takes Its Toll On Twitter: Fail Whale Once Again

Twitter over capacity. Why am I not surprised reading this? I mean it was evident given that the authorities in Pakistan had banned access to the social network owing to the group that promotes drawing cartoons of the Prophet [PBUH]. Its obvious that people, who find it impossible to resist the departure from Facebook have almost immediately switched to Twitter to gossip more about it.

Alright it might be a bit of exaggeration here and Twitter might be facing general problems, the Fail Whale which was a regular feature in the past. What makes me think that the current ban is a reason for this, is the Fail Whale has appeared after quite a while and had been missing this for ages now. I am not sure what number of users on Facebook from Pakistan but if this ban is a reason for Twitter downtime, I am guessing the number must be pretty high, otherwise Twitter must now be quite capable of handling a bit of surge in the users.

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image thumb51 Who Says Tweeting Doesn’t Burn Calories? Try TweetCalories For Your Twitter Burnout

I always hear this; Twitter is a lazy man’s place and that Tweeting is the laziest thing one can ever do. You are all wrong, like everything else I do physically, Tweeting takes some energy, burning calories. Don’t believe that, go over to TweetCalories and type @smohkim to see the amount of calories I have burnt.

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