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image thumb88 Rank Meme: Twitter Based Startup Helps You Make Informed Decisions About Products

It has been ages when I last wrote about a Twitter based product. Of course counting the mobile apps and the most recent coverage on the Official Twitter App for Windows Phone 7. Here today I will be talking about Rank Meme, a Twitter based product ranking system.

So what is it about? First up, we are all aware of how the Internet is helping everyone make informed decisions based on the massive amount of information it has on almost everything you want to know about. Rank Meme does exactly the same by keeping you updated on market trends for numerous products in various categories. To cut it short, if you are into Mobile Phones and wondering what is the best smartphone to spend your money on then head over to Rank Meme and you might see the most voted for mobile phone with maximum tweets.

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image thumb84 Windows Phone 7 Gets The Official Twitter App!

Windows Phone 7 users are all set to embrace the Official Twitter App for their WP7 based smartphones making it the first and most comprehensive client of the micromessaging service for Windows Phone 7. And from I can make from the features listed it appears impressive.

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image thumb9 Was This The #NewTwitter? CEO Evan Williams Takes A Bow….

Twitter is down today, at least acting like a grumpy kid who doesn’t want respond to your calls. And while I was still at it the news I got was of Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter has taken a bow from the CEO seat.

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image thumb141 Create Your Own Twitter Magazine With MyTweetMag [Startup] Update

Who doesn’t want a magazine by their name? Was difficult, next to impossible for everyone to do so a decade back, but it has changed dramatically in the last few years. With services like Facebook, Google Buzz and Twitter in specific have made loads of content available for everyone to share. MyTweetMag takes that sharing a step further and lets you become an editor yourself. How?

MyTweetMag lets you take control over the information overload, by letting you categorize all those tweets in a manner that best fits your need. Lets say you love anything about Web Startups, but your timeline is flooded with so many tweets that most of your startup tweets get lost. With MyTweetmag, you can resolve that issue by: Read More »

image thumb113 Top 10 Twitter Extensions For Google ChromeI have been suing using Firefox for well, over two years with the Google Chrome being my secondary one. The only problem that kept me away initially was the lack of extension support but that changed thanks to all the development lately.

I will be using this post to highlight the top Twitter extensions for the Google Chrome browser, getting used to them myself before I can actually make a shift to making Chrome my preference. I have kept the list short, just a disclaimer before our respectful readers complain of having left many others. Read More »

image thumb99 Essential Tips For Bloggers: 5 Things A Blogger Must Avoid

Experience is the best teacher, I firmly believe that but we have heard an old saying that says a wise person is one who learns from mistakes made by others. I have had trouble in my blogging career, troubles of all sorts. From befriending friends on Twitter, to making a decent Facebook page that engages the right people with the right stuff, all the way to actually writing a post. I just thought I would share what I have learned in this post hoping it helps others and more importantly if others can share tips with us at Startup Meme.

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image thumb60 Twitter Follows Facebook Movie With A Funny YouTube Parody

If Facebook does it so should every other social network. Well at least create a mock. There has been a lot of hype with the upcoming Facebook movie; The Social Network and it has caused quite some parodies coming up. But this Twitter Movie trailer quite hilariously puts the purpose of Twitter in motion.

The mock is being titles The Twit Network and is hitting hard on the Social Network trailer , highlighting a few facts added with exaggerated bits on Twitter cofounders; Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Ev Williams. I particularly liked the man bleeding and asking his wife to call 911 and she, pretty like any Twitter addict wonders if they too have a Twitter handle.

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image thumb56 TweetDeck Officially Comes To Android Phones

Am I being too Androidish today? Maybe right but this is what I news I have been coming across today and honestly I have ignored others. Just running down another one quickly, TweetDeck has officially made its way to the Android phones. Sounds great, primarily because I detested seeing the TweetDeck on the iPhone for some odd reason, but I guess I don’t need to do that anymore.

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image thumb42 Twitter Ruffles Up Feathers To Boost Ad Platform: Hires Former Facebook And Yelp Employees

Looks as if the micromessaging service, Twitter is taking advertising seriously. Reports today state that folks at Twitter have bolstered their ad platform by hiring Dan Coughlin who had been with Facebook since 2006. Coughlin will take charge as the Director of Sales for Eastern Region in the US.

That wasn’t the only notable induction as Twitter also fished Amanda Levy of Yelp. She will be taking position as Director of Sales in the Western Region, bringing over 5 years of experience to the Twitter ad team. Both have a good number of years to back their selection, with Coughlin who was the director of media sales, Facebook, and prior to this, held the same position at Yahoo for over 5 years. This is of course other than his stints at MarketWatch and DoubleClick. Levy on the other hand was Yelp’s first salesperson, where she headed sales for Yelp at the West Coast.

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image thumb25 End Of Confusion: TwitterShoutOut Isn’t a Feature/Function To Be Of Twitter

I was wandering the whole day after reading about the possible Twitter feature to be; the @TwitterShoutOut. Right from reading about it, I just thought what this was about, perhaps a recommendation engine that does something beyond @replies or the ever popular #followfriday. The same created hype well over the day thanks to TNW before Sean Garret stepped up to clear the confusion.

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