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filetwt thumb FileTwt makes File Sharing on Twitter easier with new features

FileTwt, the startup that lets you share files on Twitter has released version 2 of its service. The startup has taken file hosting to its own servers to enable direct downloads along with a few other features. Those features include:

  • Direct Downloads
  • Upload Progress bar
  • New Download Page
  • Rating System On Files
  • Uploader’s Twitter Profile Info on Download Page
  • Number of downloads Counter on Download Page
  • A better and faster Uploader
  • Friend List in My Account Fixed

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image thumb86 Posterous makes major updates enables photo sharing from a dozen Twitter clients

Here comes another one to make sharing photos easier on Twitter as Posterous released its new features. The startup that let you share/post anything by simply sending an email has added photo sharing as well with the help of as many a dozen Twitter clients. The bigger part of the news is that Posterous has made a huge stride forward in this by integrating some of the most popular clients, including Seesmic Desktop, Tweetie for Mac. etc and the only major player left out is TweetDeck. But does it really matter all that much? This would also enable auto-postiing to various social networking sites including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook as well as maintain your very own photo blog at Posterous. Sounds more than useful and equally enticing to have users adopting it for sharing images. So is TwitPic going to have some serious competition with Posterous? You are more than welcome to be Nostradamus and predict the future of the two as comments.

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image thumb85 Phishing scam now rampant on Twitter. Facebook you are not alone!

When almost half the people on Twitter consider that the purpose of Twitter is primarily having maximum followers it becomes easier for scammers to fish follower hungry users. Earlier today a similar one broke out at Twitter that had the right words to Phish the ever demanding Tweeples. A tweet would appear in your stream with the ever enticing OMG I just got over 1000 followers today from http://twittercut.com. Just watch out and don’t click the link. And in case you do just don’t enter your Twitter credentials when you are directed to the site. The account from which it originated has been suspended but it keeps appearing now and then from those who have fallen victim to it.

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image thumb77 And now Twitter will have its own show on TV.. is it going to be of 140 seconds duration?

This had to come across everyone’s eyes someday, Twitter planning to initiate its own TV show. Not surprising at all, despite it being quite a news. Why? We have heard so much of Twitter that even if some alien broadcasts a message that says Twitter, I won’t be surprised, we have made so much noise about the micro-messaging service that it may very well next to the amount of the cosmic background radiation. I know I exaggerated that too much but reports state that the move has already been made and Twitter has joined forces with Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Reveille Productions and will not have any scripts. Let’s just wait and see how this turns out to be, I just hope it isn’t confined to 140 seconds bursts.

image thumb76 3.ly Yet.. Yet.. Yet another URL shortener that gives you the Shortest URL

And the race of the URL shorteners continues, each trying to beat the other by differing in names and a few additional features like password protection, etc. I just came across another one (don’t blame me, it’s the fault of the real time FriendFeed), 3.ly. The new URL shortener takes the cake away as being the shortest URL creator with a mere 14 characters, beating is.gd’s 17. Now this might sound pretty useless to talk about and many would jump out shouting if there isn’t anything better to talk about. I personally think it’s useful, all those useful URL shorteners, especially in the age of micro-messaging services (I didn’t say Twitter) where you would love to save as many of those 140 characters by shrinking the long URLs, there is quite a need for these services. 14 characters, I can bet there is some geek already at work to shrink it further by a couple of more. Anyone?

image thumb75 FileTwt lets you share files on Twitter

While many would complain why everyone is so bent upon covering Twitter or services associated to it. But it’s hard to neglect those as well since almost all its users need easier ways to share not just their work, but photos, videos and files. FileTwt is another Twitter related startup that lets you upload and share files and inform your followers by automatically sending a tweet. The service is very easy to use, something we should expect from any Twitter associated service. You can either send a public tweet or signup for the service to send private tweet to individual users.

image thumb74 TwitVid.io: Share Videos on Twitter the easy way

There will soon be as many tools to share anything on Twitter as the number of things one has to share. We have covered photo sharing services like TweetPhoto, TwitPic, etc and today we have Twitvid, which lets you share videos on Twitter. The site lets you upload videos directly from your system or send a video you have just recorded on your mobile by emailing it at u@twitvid.io. And while you upload those videos, you can also tag your favorite followers to make sure they do watch it. A pretty handy tool for all those Twitter users addicted to the micro-messaging service.

image thumb70 TwitPaper your Twitter page to give it a new look

If you are one of those who love to make their Twitter profile or to be more precise the background appear interesting and not dull then try TwitPaper. We have reviewed a couple of similar services and this is no different. TwitPaper offers you a variety of backgrounds, themes and layouts to give your page a more professional look. So if you think if your Twitter page needs a revamp, then just pay TwitPaper a visit.

TBUZZ – An Arc90 Project from Arc90 on Vimeo.

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