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image thumb29 Twitpic Launches Photo Tagging, Looks In Good Shape To Leverage 190 Million Twitter Users

Twitpic is growing, it has already become the largest portal as Twitter for pictures and is introducing more functions and features. The latest to come forth is Photo Tagging, a feature that has been long available at other social networking sites like Facebook. There is no point in comparing the two here as they both cater to different versions of online social networking.

Twitpic has been upfront with updates and photo tagging is its next step after it launched the feature that let users categorize photos as per events. Again, the reason why there is a need to have such features is because users want more than just a portal or application to share pictures, they are looking for more functions, better organizing so that it is easier to share, discover and readily available to search. Which makes the introduction of the feature ever justified.

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image thumb60 Flickr accepts Twitter, lets you share photos via Email

TwitPic is going to have another one as its challenger as Flickr finally accepts letting users share links of their photos on Twitter. The photo sharing site has initiated Flickr Twitter Beta that would let users to link Twitter and Flickr accounts with an open ID and can send tweets when you feel like sharing a photo you upload through email. While the process might sound a bit tiring, but its pretty easy to use, simply add 2twitter just before the @. However it’s up to you to decide which photos you want to share rather than automatically send all the photos you upload.

image thumb86 Posterous makes major updates enables photo sharing from a dozen Twitter clients

Here comes another one to make sharing photos easier on Twitter as Posterous released its new features. The startup that let you share/post anything by simply sending an email has added photo sharing as well with the help of as many a dozen Twitter clients. The bigger part of the news is that Posterous has made a huge stride forward in this by integrating some of the most popular clients, including Seesmic Desktop, Tweetie for Mac. etc and the only major player left out is TweetDeck. But does it really matter all that much? This would also enable auto-postiing to various social networking sites including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook as well as maintain your very own photo blog at Posterous. Sounds more than useful and equally enticing to have users adopting it for sharing images. So is TwitPic going to have some serious competition with Posterous? You are more than welcome to be Nostradamus and predict the future of the two as comments.