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image thumb69 Blog On The Go With The New Tumblr App For Android

Apples news everyday sounds great but I find it a bit difficult to not have something about Android. Today the Android Market got itself the much awaited app for the blogging service, Tumblr. The app is official, available for free on the Market and the only issue is that you must be running Android 2.1 at least.

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image thumb28 Tumblr Soaring High: Crosses 1.5 Billion Pageviews A Month

I wasn’t even interested to think of Tumblr worth mentioning for personal reasons but the growth of the service has been phenomenal. It’s monthly page views have soared to a staggering 1.5 Billion a month, putting it in the list of top 50 sites in the United States.

The user base itself is seeing a massive boost as it continues to have over 25,000 new registrations a day along with the addition of over 300 million pageviews. It is obvious that if it continues this rate of growth in coming months it will easily surpass the 2 billion pageviews mark in the next couple months.

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image thumb106 Tumblr continues to grow hires Andrew Terng to meet Scaling challenges

Tumblr today achieved a milestone as it moved up he ranking to be placed at 98. The service has grown exponentially in the recent past as its traffic took a sharp rise reaching more than 450 million impressions across the globe. While that was just for the ranking, the network also got a Andrew Terng in its team to ensure that the site continues to operate smoothly and doesn’t buckle up under the ever growing traffic. Andrew had been working previously at Delicious for over two years. Which mean he will bring with him the much needed expertise to smoothen the functionality.