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image thumb122 Is Touch The Future Of Apple iMac?

There have been talks of Apple filing for new patents and the rumor of the smaller and cheaper iPad, the new iPhone and the Verizon Apple deal. The other included filing for patents to take action against the Jailbroken iPhones. Today PatentlyApple has released schematics of what can possibly be the upcoming iMac Touch.

From the diagrams it appears that the new iMac will be usable as both the desktops machine when in the upright mode or the OS X mode as more commonly referred. When slanted, it switches functionality and acts a touch pad and operates in the iOS mode. The other addition is the more flexil0 adjustable stand that helps in easily slanting the iMac.

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image thumb84 Review Nokia X6: A Great Music Device And Shows That Nokia Is Serious About ‘Touch Screen’

I have been in possession of the Nokia X6 for quite some time now and honestly the device is one step up from its predecessor, the 5800 Xpress Music and many steps below its really impressive N-Series, especially the N97. I am not sure what exactly is wrong here, but Nokia is failing to make a mark with smoothness.

The device has a sleek design, and the right weight to qualify it as a decent touch-screen device. Honestly,the 5800 Xpress Music was a big fail, a highly resistive touch screen, an undesirable light weight and there was an absence of that ‘thing’ which made the device really useful. No offense to Nokia and with all due respect, that device was a fail. The X6 is an evolution, a pretty good evolution to put it appropriately but it still doesn’t qualify to compete in the race of Smartphones. Lets talk about, in a bit detailed way.

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