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image thumb63 Update Your Firmware Version To iOS 4.1 With Firmware Changer, No Need to Update iPod Touch Or iPhone

I know a few people who have issues with updating their iOS version. Especially those with the iPhone 3G who report of their device literally dying when they update to the iOS 4.1, making update to the latest version a huge pain. Of course they still want the look and feel of the iOS 4.1 and it is exactly why we have got Firmware Changer.

The tool enables you to change the device’s firmware version with an easy to use GUI. The first relief it gives you is that it removes that continuous update your iOS notification whenever your plug your iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad. Reports also state that it would also enable the installation of apps on the older iOS, though the running of the application is not a guarantee. The tool is available for free at the ModMyi repository at Cydia.

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image thumb54 GreenPoisOn Jailbreaks Apple TV 2G On Limera1n Exploit, More Opportunities For Developers!

GreenPoisOn based on the Limera1n exploit has been reported to be fully capable of jailbreaking the Apple TV 2G. And this isn’t rumor as we have got an image of the Apple TV with a custom background image on the device running the iOS 4.1.

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image thumb51 SnOwbreeze 2.1 aka PwnageTool For Windows Is Ready To Roll Out, Will Jailbreak All iOS 4.1 Devices

What’s the one thing that people want when it comes to software or a tool? Choices. I always look forward to have a list of certain irrespective of which one I usually use. Jailbreak Tools for Apple’s iOS devices are one such example and I personally feel that we at Startup Meme have talked extensively on these. The latest reports are of iH8snOw teasing iPhones users with screenshots of the upcoming version of the SnOwbreeze for Microsoft Windows.

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image thumb43 Safari Gets Multitouch Gestures And Full Screen Mode On iPhone And iPod Touch With FullScreen [For Jailbreak iOS]

What’s the point of having a multitouch capable smartphone when certain apps leave a void when they are unable to leverage the feature. This was certainly the issue with Safari on the iOS devices and those with an iPhone or the iPod Touch felt left out. Especially when it came to comparing Safari for the Mac OSX. Worry not FullScreen for Safari makes way for jailbroken iOS devices.

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image thumb41 Download Available For GreenPoisOn Jailbreak Tool For Mac OS X

What good is a jailbreak tool if its not for the Mac OSX? We reported the release of the Limera1n jailbreak tool for Windows and then also for the Mac users. Today we have news on the GreenPoisOn tool available for download on the Mac OS X.

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image thumb32 Download Limera1n Jailbreak Tool For iOS 4.1 On Mac OSX

Geohot is making news everywhere, starting off with the annihilation of the GreenPoisOn release on October 10 with his own Limera1n Jailbreak Tool for Windows. That left a feeling of being left out amongst the Mac users. Good news is that Geohot has got kind enough to release the Limera1n iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool for the Mac OSX.

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image thumb26 Free PDF To Word Converter Giveaway! Grab Your Free Setup Of PDFTiger Before October 21

If there is something remotely useful available for Free make sure you grab one. That’s what I believe in, especially when it comes to gadgets, books and useful software in particular. I bet many others think the same and if you do head over to PDFTiger and download the $39.95 worth of software for Free.

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image thumb23 GreenPoisOn Jailbreak Tool Available For Download To Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Limera1n Exploit]

We almost got carried away with the sudden entry of Geohot and his Limera1n jailbreak Tool on Saturday and the availability of download it on Sunday, October 10 when the GreenPoisOn was scheduled to release. What we missed out to report was that the SHAtter exploit was postponed. The reason was obvious enough as there wasn’t really a point to release this jailbreak tool when it was only meant for the fourth generation of Apple devices. The Limera1n on the other hand was already available to jailbreak almost all of these.

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image thumb19 5 Step Guide On How To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 And 3GS With Limera1n

What good is a jailbreak tool if there is not a how to guide on it. Almost as quick the developers are in creating a jailbreak tool in the likes of GreenPoisOn or Limera1n blogs rush in with the how to guides and we now have one for Limera1n.

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image thumb16 Be Ready To Embrace Limera1n From Geohot TO JailBreak All iOS 4.1 Devices

I guess we have all been consumed way too much with GreenPoisOn. Also about the talk of how to Jailbreak the iPhone 4 with the GreenPoisOn jailbreak tool which is officially to be released on Sunday, 10-10-10. But there is more in the making as others in the jailbreak arena are rolling out their ways.

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