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image thumb61 Test the artist in you, create your own FriendFeed themes

FriendFeed had earlier launched themes to make FriendFeed better looking (the duck hunter). I guess that wasn’t enough so the team decided to let its users practice their own creativity and make their own. Select Custom theme, upload a background you would love to have (as ugly as you want to get), modify color combinations and there you have it. You might consider that theme to be the best piece of art or might be knocked in to senses by a friend who says it’s crap not so nice and needs to changed. Jokes apart, the idea to let users create their own themes always sounds good and might just have its users all excited.

image thumb11 Google puts out Chrome Themes, Chrome did impress me, but themes.. I will stick to Classic please

There is still a long way for Chrome to, from grabbing a higher share in the browser market to stepping out with its Chrome OS. However Google has presently had its Theme Gallery go live. To honest, Google is good with many things but when it comes to themes, it doesn’t leave a very positive impression and I for one revert back to the plain version in no time. But that’s just me, perhaps I have grown accustomed to its traditional simple layout. Coming back, you can install the themes pretty easily by clicking the Apply Theme button beneath the theme you like and you have Chrome with a fresh look. Now if only Chrome were to give us a chance to create our own artistic themes, I bet we will be seeing some really ‘great’ artwork from some genius. And yes, these themes are only going to work on Chrome’s latest build.