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The Infinix Hot Note, finally received and doing what any blogger would do; Unbox and see what’s inside!

image thumb2 Response: Print is Dead! Long Live Print?

This post is a follow up comment to @Jordan Kurzweil published on TechCrunch (Print is Dead! Long Live Print?)

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iPhone Battery iPhone 4S Inefficient Battery Is A Software Problem

The diagnosis held by an iPhone app developer proves that iPhone is suffering from a chronic software problem. This test methodically proves that the much complained about battery problems are software based rather then hardware. Phew! a sigh of relief, well at least it can be cured rather then changing the over all hardware specs.

Two iPhone devices were tested independently. Both having the same hardware, iOS ver. 5.0.1. Their model and release date was similar. They were even bought from the same location and also using the same network (AT&T). Just to make sure all other differences are avoided to check for their battery performances avoiding hardware differences. The two phones however  had different iPhone apps. stored. One was using beta applications to test while the other was a regular use iPhone with out any unorthodox applications.

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Startup flees to Seattle

image thumb Startup flees to Seattle

Entrepreneurs who participate in online retail should pay close attention to the recent relocation of Shopobot from San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA. Amid rising concerns about online taxation, this Internet-based shopping company has relocated to the more financially stable city of Seattle, WA. It doesn’t take an MBAdegree to know that the current economic crisis has affected companies’ sales, but now, online-based companies are unsure as to how online business will be taxed in the future. This has resulted in many companies relocating to different cities across the United States.

The economic crisis has left state governments short of funds, and they have begun to view the taxation of online sales as a source of potential revenue. This position is being encouraged by big-box stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target. These companies have long resented the perceived cost advantage that online retailers gain from not having to pay local taxes. In California, a law was passed in June that attempts to force large online retailers such as Amazon tocollectsalestaxonpurchasesfromCaliforniaresidents. In response to this new law, Amazon quickly exited the California market by dropping over 10,000 affiliated businesses from their roster.

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image thumb12 Outsource Your IT Infrastructure–Why It Can Prove To Be Beneficial

A changing economic and business climate has required many firms to take a good hard look at their budgetary needs. Even though robust and dependable Dell IT Services are crucial for the success of continual operation for an organization, the need to find ways to save money requires thinking outside of the box. A fully staffed IT department may no longer be a financial reality for companies looking to right-size their organization. This doesn’t mean that the need for quality tech support will diminish. Quite the contrary, as hardware and computer applications continue to evolve, the corporate world continues to need fully trained and knowledgeable technicians available to assist with day-to-day operations.

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LED Technologu Lighting Things Up Differently With LED Technology

While there is a good chance you have seen these cars racing furiously fast in movies glowing in beautiful and sleek ways. Do I need to mention Fast and the Furious here? This comes from lighting that is changing how we are going to be quite literally seeing the future. LED lights have fast become a viable alternative to traditional lighting. And the technology doesn’t stop there. Aside this remarkable lighting technology being utilized in traditional vehicle bulbs and the underside of cool street cars this state of the art lighting technology is being used in some innovative ways. Now even our display devices are using the same technology.

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unotron washable keyboard iPad Gets A Liquid Keyboard–No Its Not H20 Based!

Liquid keyboard. Yawn! Are you kidding me? Jeez perhaps it’s a concept keyboard. That’s what many would think or comment with. Well two guys, Christian Sax and Hannes Lau from the University of Technology in Sydney strongly believe in the phrase: Impossible is nothing.

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iphone 5 sprint iPhone 5 Coming To Sprint In October

This is just in. Sprint might be up selling the iPhone 5 in October. That’s another plus one to make us believe in the rumors about the iPhone 5 release in October. This would make Sprint among the few carriers to provide the next generation of the Apple iPhone.

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ss100809pakistan04.ss full IBM Capable Of Predicting Floods 100 Hours In Advance

Floods have been devastating recently. Especially the ones last year in Pakistan that flooded an area that was larger than many European countries combined. Many lives were lost that could have been saved, had there been a flood forecast. Early warning systems can prove to be absolutely essential, especially in densely populated regions where whatever time that can be bought saves as many lives.

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image thumb31 HP Murders The WebOS! Goodbye HP Touchpad

The worst that can happen for a die hard fan of any product is open your Google Reader and find out that your beloved product is about to be killed. While this applies to many scenarios, this time it is for the HP fans. Now before I come over to the news, a flashback.

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