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LED Technologu Lighting Things Up Differently With LED Technology

While there is a good chance you have seen these cars racing furiously fast in movies glowing in beautiful and sleek ways. Do I need to mention Fast and the Furious here? This comes from lighting that is changing how we are going to be quite literally seeing the future. LED lights have fast become a viable alternative to traditional lighting. And the technology doesn’t stop there. Aside this remarkable lighting technology being utilized in traditional vehicle bulbs and the underside of cool street cars this state of the art lighting technology is being used in some innovative ways. Now even our display devices are using the same technology.

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image thumb7 IBM Dominates The Tech Service Industry.. Right, But For How Long?

IBM as a whole as had its ups and downs, but when in need of some good, reliable tech support it’s hard to match what they got going on in that arena. While Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others will continue to dominate the personal computer software market, places like IBM have become an industry standard for computer service as a whole. And I guess they will continue to enjoy this dominance as long as computing exists.

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image thumb9 Gizmodo and Engadget bring everything about Gadgets to Gdgt

Gizmodo and Engadget have joined hands to launch their very own gadget site, Gdgt. The plans to bring this had been voiced for almost a year but its founders Peter Rojas (fonder/editor of Gizmodo) and Ryan Block (editor of Engadget) have finally put the plans to reality. The site is more like a gadget community where visitors can discuss anything that is associated to gadgets. This might seem like an extended version of the gadget blogs but it’s more organized. The site has everything to offer for tech geeks and they can become a part part of it by creating profiles just like they do on the numerous social networks out there.